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Convention Souvenirs

To order the following sets, please call 817-448-9863,
9:00 am - 4:30 pm Central time Weekdays.

California Civil Defense Coast Watcher

$72 + shipping
Buy this figure at the club's OnLine Store!

For the 1/6th scale collector, a California Civil Defense Coast Watcher was released as a souvenir for the 2003 convention! The figure comes with a Super-Articulated figure, Shirt, Pants, Winter Coat, White Sam Brown Belt, Civil Defense Helmet, Civil Defense Brassard, M-1 Garand with 2 bullet clips, 3/4 high boots, and a working Civil Defense Siren.

Immediately following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the West Coast was gripped in panic. Local civilians formed coast watcher groups up and down the coast from San Diego to Seattle. The army also put in place armed coast watchers. Both the army and civilian coast watchers were prone to shoot first. The worsening news contributed further to the near hysteric conditions along theh coast. On December 23, an oil tanker was sunk by a Japanese submarine just six miles offshore after leaving the port of San Luis. The Phillipines had fallen and the Japanese were now in firm control of the South Pacific. Additional Japanese submarine sightings were made, particularly off the Oregon coast. On Feb. 23, 1942, a Japanese submarine surfaced a mile offshore and shelled the Richfield Oil Company. The following night, the skies of Los Angles resembled a Fourth of July celebration as they were lit up with searchlights, tracer bullets and anti-aircraft fire as an uncontrolled fear gripped the city fearing it was under attack. There was no attack; however, our G.I. Joe California Coast Watcher will remain vigilant and be ever ready to sound the alarm.

The Adventure Team Counter Culture Adventurer
$72 + shipping
Buy this figure at the club's OnLine Store!

This year's adventurer is the Adventure Team Counter Culture Adventurer! This figure comes with a specially flocked Timeless Figure with sideburns, White T-Shirt w/AT sticker, Bell Bottom Blue Jeans, Sidearm and Shoulder Holster, 1960s Zipper Boots, Dashiki, and Double Sided AT/Peace Dog Tag.


Firefly Two-Pack and the HISS II

For the 3 3/4" collector, the club has the HISS IIB and a Firefly two-pack for the 2003 convention. The two pack comes with one filecard and Firefly as a "Cobra Island Infiltrator" in tropical camouflage and as a "Black Dragon Infiltrator" in night mission camouflage. Each of these figures comes with a clear stand, backpack w/cover, walkie-talkie, and submachine gun. The tropical camouflage allows him to maneuver invisibly through the varied terrain of Cobra Island so that he can spy on Cobra Commander. The night mission camoufalge with its silver boots allows Firefly to join the rank and file of the Black Dragon Troopers by just stealing a helmet and chest pack. These two special limited edition Fireflys (500 sets) mean that there is a third force to be reckoned with at Anaconda Beach. The limited edition (350) HISS IIB is Cobra Island's primary troop transport and land based mobile defense vehicle. It can hold two drivers, one gunner and four troopers. Joe will never be able to escape this unexpected firepower waiting in the nearby jungle.


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