International G.I. Joe Convention 2003
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40th Anniv. Dinner
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Contest Winners

Small Dioramas

1st - Fred Jeska
Haradrim Desert Warrior

2nd - Simon Ball
Pirates of the Caribbean

3rd - Fred Richter
One Shot, One Kill

Medium Size Dioramas

1st - David Howard

2nd - Russ Seacat
Vietnam Bunker Scene

3rd - Patrick Breaux
Luftwaffe 1948

Large Dioramas

1st - Rich McKee
Zartan Rule the Swamp

2nd - DFW Chapter
Dueling 155s

3rd - Space City Division
St. Mere Eglise

3 3/4" Dioramas

1st - Matt Stevenson
Rescue of Junk

2nd - Rob Humphrey
Cobra in the Wire

3rd - Jeffrey McGarry
Assault on Cobra Mountain


1st - Chazz Coleman
Flint, Snake Eyes, Etc.

2nd - John Golembiewski

3rd - Matt Stevenson & John Russell
Hit & Run, Snake Eyes, Spirit, etc


1st - Greg Lee
Boyhood Dreams Do Come True

2nd - Rande Ashley
Joe on the Hunt

3rd - Zach Lee
Apache 7 Down

Misc. Pictures of Winners and/or Entries


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