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Unknown Heroes
12" GIJoe Convention Set

Please remember that these are samples. This is the most detailed set we have ever produced.
Colors WILL VARY from computer to computer so what you are seeing is the relativeness of the colors to each other. Colors might be slightly different in person.

The box is a little longer this year to make the window boxes fit in the center between the figures. The height is the same as our prior year's boxes.
Artwork for the cover is by Larry Selman who will be at the convention.
Larry is the current Hasbro Artist for their more involved artwork.

Artwork for the inside boxes is by Sam Petrucci who will be at the convention.
He was the original Hasbro artist.
These are final evaluation samples.
Corpsman were members of two branches of the Armed Services. They first belonged to the Navy and went through basic training. Then they went through Marine basic training. This earned them the right to wear either uniform. My Dad told me that this was great fun going out one night as a Marine and the next night as a Sailor...

Being a 10th Mountain Division Medic means you have allot of gear. The Germans respected the Red Cross so the Aidmen wore as many as they could.
The Japanese thought that the Red Cross made a fine target. They figured for every Corpsman they killed, they had killed 50 Marines. So no one wore any insignia except the Marine emblem on their pocket. Our Corpsman is missing his .45 and holster. Also there will be a few adjustments to both figures for example the hang of the canteen is not right and the First Aid Kit droops.

Army 1st Aid Kit. Marine Jungle First Aid Kit. These are 1/6th scale not the real thing.
Notice the detail on the containers. If you have good enough eyes, you can read the labels.


10th Mountain Division pants and pocket detail. Field Uniform.

10th Mountain Division field uniform.
Army Service Dress Jacket detail and Navy Insignia.
10th Mountain Division Medic Garrison Cap. Notice the red trim identifies the wearer as a Medic.
Even the buttons were sculpted for detail. Get your magnifying glass out!
Medic's Belt, Red Cross insignia. Ignore the black smudge on the top of the helmet.
Detail on backside of Brassard.
The cartridge belt has REAL grommets and the canteens and first aid kits attach just like real ones!
M-43 Jacket and detail.
It was cold where the 10th Mountain Division went and they often wore a liner under their
M-43 Field Jacket. Don't wear it out in the rain, it is not water resistant!
M-43 Liner cuff and button details. You've got to have 1/6th scale fingers to button these!
Detail of the tag in the M-43 Jacket liner. Insignia on M-43 Jacket.
Corpsman Small Hospital Bag, Medic Small Hospital Bag.
Small Hospital Bag contents.
Knife and 2 litters that come with the set.
Boondocker boots and Corpsman uniform.
Carbine issued to Corpsman. They usually tossed this and took the first side arm and holster
they could find. Can't carry a Marine and a rifle at the same time. Side arm not pictured.
Army version and Navy version of Aidman pouches. Army version used a string to lace up the
bottom to make the pouch smaller. Navy version used snaps. (These are not the final snaps)
Whose design was best? The Army finally switched to the Navy version late in the war.
Close up of some of the medical supplies.
The right pouch has the 6 black vials with the sewn in elastic.
The Left pouch has the towel and straps for carrying the stretcher.
Detail of inside of the right pouch. More medical supplies up close. Bandage scissors, Bandages, Plaster roll. Tourniquet.
Items that came in the left pouch included morphine styrettes, Straps for carrying a litter to take the weight off of your arms, towel, iodine, bandages, tin box with swabs etc.
Items that came in the right pouch were vials with different medications, safety pins,
plaster role, tourniquet, etc.


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