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UPDATED 05.25.06

  • Someone told me the Polar Bear set comes in a big box? Just how 'big' is big?
    The box for the "Fight for Survival: Polar Bear Attack!" "set is approximately
    23" x 14" x 5.5". The set has so many large pieces, we had to completely redesign the convention box for the 12" figure set.

  • I can't come to the show. Should I go ahead and pre-order a Convention Set as a Non-attendee or wait until after the show?
    Order now. Convention items that are pre-ordered as a Non-attendee package are shipped free after the Convention. Sets that are ordered AFTER the show have normal shipping charges applied. Pre-ordering offers the best value.

  • Are there ONLY G.I. Joe figures at the Convention?
    No. The dealers at the G.I. Joe Convention usually bring a wide variety of 12" and 3 3/4" action figures and related items. It is impossible to say what items specific dealers will bring to the show, but usually there are items that would appeal to the average action figure collector.

  • What are this year's EXCLUSIVES?
    3 3/4" boxed set - 'Cobra's Most Wanted: Mercenaries!' which features Major Bludd and 6 Skull Squad Troopers, Overlord and 6 Coil Troopers and Cobra Mortal!
    to see a preview of this set.

    12" boxed set - 'Fight for Survival: Polar Bear Attack!' which features a 12" Super-Vintage G.I. Joe figure with life-like hair and beard (vintage style head on a super articulated body), a dogsled with dogs and a Polar Bear. CLICK HERE to see a
    preview of this set.

    12" Super-Vintage G.I. Joe figure with painted hair with his personal accessories. This set does not come with the dogs, dogsled or bear. You must purchase a boxed set to be elligable to buy this figure. CLICK HERE to see a preview of this figure.

    12" Sled Dog 3 Pack - Featuring 3 reproduction 'Fight for Survival' dogs with harnesses and special harness connectors that will hook two harnesses together to make a six dog team when combined with the dog team from the boxed set.

  • What are this year's SOUVENIRS?
    3 3/4" Sgt Slaughter on a special souvenir card. CLICK HERE for a preveiw!

    Renegades 3 3/4" souvenir 3 figure card.

    3 3/4" Souvenir vehicle.

    3 3/4" Souvenir vehicle 2 -pack.

  • Do I have to attend the Convention in order to purchase the EXCLUSIVES?
    No, but you do have to pre-register as a non-attendee using the registration form. This form must be mailed or faxed to our offices.

  • When will I receive my non-attending EXCLUSIVES set?
    Non-attending exclusives will be shipped approximately 4 weeks after the convention.

  • When do I pay for my non-attending EXCLUSIVES set?
    You must pay for your non-attending set when you place your order. This reserves your set and confirms your order.

  • Can I buy the SOUVENIRS if i do not attend?
    Souvenirs are initially available only at the convention, but any that might be left will be available on the G.I. Joe Club Store after the Convention. These often sell out during the Convention.

  • Can I register for the Convention (attending or non-attending) over the phone?
    No, you must send the registration for by FAX or mail it to our offices.

  • Can I pick up my friend's EXCLUSIVES Package at the Convention?
    No, each attendee must pick up their own EXCLUSIVES Package
    with a valid picture I.D.

  • What is the FAX number for sending in registration forms?
    817-448-9843 our regular phone number if you have more questions is 817-448-9863.

  • What is the mailng address for sending in registration forms?
    Fun Publications
    225 Cattle Baron Parc Drive
    Fort Worth, TX 76108-9535

  • Can I link to this site from my webpage?
    Yes. There are banners that can be used to link at the bottom of this page.

  • What is the address and phone number of the hotel in New Orleans?
    Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, 500 Canal Street
    Phone (504) 525-2500
    Fax (504) 595-5552
    Please scroll to the bottom of this page for more informational links or give us a call.





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