Hasbro's 1999 Roster

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The Armed Services Collection

These figures will come in blister carded packaging and all have African American versions.


U.S. Army Infantry Desert Soldier

This figure comes dressed in Desert Storm fatigue shirt and pants, helmet, boots, dog tags and M-16 assault rifle and will be available in March.

Vietnam Marine "tunnel rat"

This figure comes dressed in an OD green shirt and pants, boots, standard issue pistol, flashlight and dog tags and will be available in March.

USAF Fighter Pilot: Korean War

This figure comes dressed in a flight suit and boots with an officer's cap, sunglasses, dog tags and pistol and will be available in April.

Police Officer

This modern day crime-fighting figure comes dressed in a fully decorated shirt, pants, boots, officers cap, service pistol and belt and will be joining the force in October.

U.S. Navy SEAL

This figure comes dressed in a tiger striped camo shirt and pants, bandanna, boots, rifle and dog tags and features a camouflaged painted head and will be available in October.

U.S. Army Pacific forces

This figure comes dressed in combat boots, fatigue shirt and pants, helmet, dog tags and WWII-style M-1 Garand rifle and will be available in August (no picture available).


These figures will come in the new open window style packaging.

U.S. Coast Guard Boarding Party

This figure comes equipped with a hat, sunglasses, shirt, pants, boots, flotation vest, dog tags, belt, holster, M16 A-2, radio, camera, binoculars, clipboard and comes in an African American version as well. Already in distribution and now sold out.(no photo available)

Adventures of GI Joe: Challenge at Hawk River


The adventure is back and GI Joe has it! This GI Joe figure features a classic collection GI Joe figure with real fuzzy hair, mustache and goatee! He comes equipped with raft and paddle, grappling hook launcher, flashlight, wetsuit, hawk and rope. This set also features an adventure comic strip on the back of the package to tell the story of GI Joe's Challenge at Hawk River. This set will be soaring onto store shelves in April and comes in an African American version as well...News Flash!! This set was just spotted at FAO Fifth Avenue in NYC.

Adventures of GI Joe: Save the Tiger


This will be the second release in the Adventures of GI Joe line and features a GI Joe figure equipped with a tranquilizer gun and safari gear and also features the fuzzy, flocked hair. Look for this set in June. It comes in an African American version as well.

U.S. Army Nurse: Vietnam War

GI Joe fans have been asking for a nurse for over 30 years, now she's here. She will come dressed in a boonie cap, T-shirt, pants, combat boots, dog tags, and is equipped with 3" gauze strips, I.V. bottle and drip, stethoscope, arm/leg splints, sling and medical bag. This figure will have a new female head sculpt and comes in an African American version as well. She will be available in September (no picture available).


These figures will come in the new open window style packaging.

U.S. Army Delta Force


This figure comes dressed in helmet, goggles, facemask, shirt, pants, boots, web and belt. He comes ready for action with the following gear: holster, 9mm Beretta, 2 flash bang grenades, grenade pouches, leg straps, assault vest, HK MP5 machine gun, harness with modified caribiner, hook, 12" rope, shotgun and dog tags and will be available in June.

Salute to the Millennium Marine.

This recruit is dressed in the Corps' Dress Blue Delta uniform from the legendary 8th & I Streets barracks in Washington, D.C., consisting of short sleeve shirt, pants, dress shoes, dog tags, and is equipped with hat, flag, pole, rifle and life-sized commemorative collector medal. What makes this figure even more special is the unique salute-action right arm. This figure shows off all the snap and pop of the U.S. Marines and will be available in October (no picture available).

Adventures of GI Joe: Peril of the Raging Inferno

Another set in the Adventure line, this figure features flocked hair and comes with a hydrant and real pumping fire hose, fireman helmet with visor, axe, pants with suspenders, shirt, jacket with hood, boots and dog tag. Look for this set in October (no picture available) and comes in an African American version as well.


- These figures will come in the new open window style packaging.

Ted Williams


If you are not familiar with Ted Williams' background, you may wonder why Hasbro would make this figure, here's why: As an outfielder for the Boston Red Sox, Williams was such a prolific hitter he became known by the nickname "The Splendid Splinter." He stands today as the last player to reach a better than .400 batting average in one season, but when duty called, Williams answered. He left baseball for nearly five full seasons to serve in World War II and the Korean conflict. He is not only a sports hero, but also a war hero, and epitomizes American values. This figure comes decked out in full pilot's gear, including flight suit, jacket, helmet, goggles, vest and dog tags, a baseball and a bat. This set will be available in July.

Buzz Aldrin


This long awaited figure celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission and features a GI Joe with Buzz Aldrin's likeness outfitted in a snoopy cap with microphones, helmet with visor, lunar suit with collar, harness, hoses and couplings, pouches, boots, gloves, ventilator box, life support unit, LSU control box, camera, plaque, flag and stand and will be available in June.

Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt


This United States President and Rough Rider is honored as a GI Joe that features Roosevelt's likeness dressed in authentic pants, shirt, bandanna, leggings, ankle boots, pistol with holster, glasses and regimental flag. This figure arrives in stores in May.

WWII Flame Thrower Soldier

This figure comes outfitted in a helmet with netting, harness, hose, flame thrower, handgun, Pacific theatre camouflaged shirt and pants, leggings boots, web belt, M1 rifle, canteen and pouch, ammo sling, ammo pouches, 3 fuel tanks, entrenching tool and pouch, bayonet, sheath and dog tags and will be available in November (picture not available).


Then and Now

GI Joe turns 35 in 1999 and to celebrate Hasbro has put together a set that features the a reproduction of the original 1964 GI Joe and his modern day counterpart. The 1964 reproduction figure is outfitted in shirt, pants, helmet, web belt, hat and boots with manual, grenades, canteen pouch, canteen, bayonet, ammo pouches, dog tag and carries an M-1 rifle. The 1999 Ground Warrior carries a state-of-the-art weapon subsystem, a computer & radio subsystem, and wears camouflage fatigues, modern body armor, combat boots, goggles, dog tags and kevlar helmet This set will be available in July and comes in an African American version as well.


The wait is finally over. This highly detailed motorcycle reproduction depicts the WLA 45 outfitted with movable shift gear lever, springer seat, active springer front end, working kickstand, working rear stand, and saddlebags. Its GI Joe rider features an authentically styled shirt, pants, tie, belt, web belt, canteen with cover, pistol with holster, ammo pouches, helmet, goggles, motorcycle boots and dog tags. Also included is a Thompson sub-machine gun and display base. This set will be available in March and is going to be HOT.


- These sets will come in blister carded packages or in the large accessory box.

USAF Pilot Battle Gear Set

This set includes a pilot's jacket, helmet, goggles, O2 mask, flashlight, pistol, web belt, holster, headphones and Mae West vest.

Service Film Unit Battle Gear

This set includes a jacket, helmet with netting, camera, web belt, canteen and cover, holster and pistol and pictures.

Heavy Machine Gun Set Battle Gear

This set includes a flack jacket, web belt, grenades, pistol, holster, camo helmet, machine gun, ammo strip, ammo box and sand bags.

Navy Seal Battle Gear Set

This set includes a wool cap, back pack, MP 5 sub-machine gun, walkie talkie, pistol, web belt, binoculars, claymores and map

Vietnam Soldier Battle Gear set

This set includes a machine gun, helmet, sunglasses, flashlight, web belt with pouches, canteen, mosquito repellent, ammo crate and munitions.

Korean Soldier Battle Gear Set

This set includes a helmet with netting, fur lined hat (very similar to the vintage Russian Soldier hat from the 1960s), BAR rifle, pistol, vest, grenades, web belt with ammo pouches, binoculars and entrenching tool.

Weapons Depot

This set features a French Foreign Legion rifle and bayonet, M16 with grenade launcher, Colt AR-15 assault rifle, Belgian Para-Commando rifle, Tank Commander sub machine gun, MP5, SA80 rifle and bayonet and ammo belts.

The Adventures of GI Joe Smoke Jumper

This is the first carded accessory set in the Adventures of GI Joe line and it includes a fireman's helmet, axe, O2 tank and mask, bandanna, walkie talkie, canteen, knife and sheath, rations, web belt and belt pouches.

The Adventures of GI Joe Police SWAT

This is another carded accessory set in the adventures of GI Joe line and it includes a Riot Shield, Helmet, service belt with accessories, handcuffs, baton, sunglasses and chest armor

Deluxe Mission Gear Sniper Set

This set will come in window boxed packaging and will include a ghillie jumpsuit, hat, boots, all new sniper rifle, MRE, canteen, lean-to, mess kit, and binoculars.

Deluxe Mission Gear Vietnam Base Camp Set

Includes mesh covered helmet, M16 rifle, shotgun, 4 sandbags, field radio, 2 smoke grenades, grenade launcher, 3 fence panels, 3 corrugated sections, crate, ammo case, shovel, canteen, mess kit, utensils, MRE, stove, sunglasses (no picture available).

Jungle Stalker FTV

Even the best man of adventure needs a vehicle to get around in and GI Joe is no exception. This vehicle has a great modern paint job that fits in well with the Adventures of GI Joe product line. This vehicle features a flip down windshield, reinforced roll bar, all terrain tires, high impact front bumper, pivoting "stun" gun turret and 8 tranquilizer darts.

There will be two other sets released in 1999, Medic Evac battle gear and Moon Landing battle gear but no information is available on them at this time. 1999 looks like it will be the biggest and best year yet for GI Joe fans of all ages!

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