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By Thomas Wheeler

One of the more impressive items to emerge from the G.I.JOE collection around Christmas was this Toys "R" Us exclusive, the Desert Striker ATV. Although structurally identical to its predecessor from a couple of years ago, this new version featured a much more impressive desert camouflage color scheme, instead of being the basic black of the last one. This made the new one look that much more like it came right out of Desert Storm. Additionally, it had two spare tires attached to the rear, and came with not one, but two G.I.Joe figures in full desert uniform.

The basic summary on the vehicle set reads as follows: Rugged desert battlefields may deter some vehicles, but they cannot stop the Desert Striker ATV. Designed to survive and thrive in harsh environments, this all-terrain vehicle perfoemd with impressive agility and speed. The ATV resembles a highly-advanced dune buggy, but it is all business as it hits the desert, with a weapon station that rotates 360° and can be mounted with machine guns, grenade launchers or anti-tank weapons. One version of the ATV was used in Operation Desert Storm, and a new version is in use by special operations forces in desert regions. Built for a variety of roles including fast attack, reconnaissance and special operations, the ATV supports the American soldiers in their dangerous and daring missions around the globe.

As before, the vehicle bears the logo of Chenowth Racing, whose name is also mentioned on the copyright information on the vehicles package.

It's an impressive vehicle, and has many features, including a moveable M60 machine gun, movable M2 (.50 cal) machine gun, and many other features and assorted parts, such as 2 removable spring loaded AT-4 missile launchers, ammo belts, gas can, and an ammo box. The G.I.Joe figures that come with the ATV are fairly basic, but decent. Both utilize the "World War II" style head. Ironically, this was a head style which was nearly discontinued several years ago, but was brought back by request at a Convention and has seen extensive use since then. Some might argue overuse, but it's one of the best head sculpts in the line, so I'm not going to complain about it.

The set is not inexpensive. I had to set aside some money for it for a while, and then finally get it when I was able. It retails for $100. Some collectors are planning to wait and see if there is an after Christmas sale, but I wouldn't count on that. The larger and more expensive M3 vehicle never went on clearance, and I haven't seen any of that since the ATV and several other vehicles arrived on the scene. My advice is, if you want this vehicle and can afford it, get it while you can. You might miss out, and it is a worthwhile and very modern addition to any G.I.Joe Collection, a collection which I personally have gotten much more selective about. I definitely recommend the G.I.JOE DESERT STRIKER ATV!