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By Thomas Wheeler

ThinkWay continues to produce interesting versions of their classic, very well-made 12" Talking Buzz Lightyear for the Disney Store. Around the Fourth of July, they came out with the Stars & Stripes Buzz Lightyear, a decidedly patriotic entry in the series that must've been a nightmare to implement the paint scheme for. For Christmas, they produced the new Interstellar Buzz Lightyear. So, what was so special about this version?

Simply stated, almost the entire body except the head and hands was molded in transparent plastic. What wasn't molded in transparent plastic, except for the head, was coated with silver chrome. I like transparent toys. I like chrome-plated toys. Obviously, I didn't hesitate very long in buying this particular Buzz.

But more than that, ThinkWay overhauled the toy to install enough blinking LEDs in several colors to make the average Christmas tree wince in embarassment. Press the activation buttons on this Buzz, and he not only sounds off, but he could probably get traffic to pull over. An amazing series of lights in his torso, arms, and legs shine forth and blink in no apparent pattern, but it sure looks cool.

As with all 12" Buzz Lightyears from ThinkWay, the figure is superbly well-articulated, and comes complete with a retractable helmet visor, blinking arm "laser", spring-activated wings and much more. He also has a new feature. A "motion sensor" that allows him to "charge up". When this takes place, the blinking lights represent a "power surge" in his system.

This remarkable new Buzz Lightyear will be a welcome addition to any Toy Story collection, and would delight any child who is a fan of the most famous Space Ranger of all. He's a Disney Store exclusive, so if you have a Disney Store anywhere near you, head to it. There might still be a few left even at this point. I give this Interstellar Buzz Lightyear a very high recommendation -- To Infinity and Beyond!