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By Thomas Wheeler

As scarce as GUNDAM figures have become in the United States of late, it does seem more and more that the only way to acquire them is through international sources. The line most certainly continues in Japan, with an emphasis on Gundam SEED and the forthcoming sequel series, GUNDAM SEED DESTINY.

And if you have any interest in Gundam action figures whatsoever, then you'll definitely want to add this very distinctive Mobile Suit to your collection. It's a variant on the ZGMF-1017 MOBILE GINN. It's designation is MIGUEL'S GINN, and while it's derived from the same molds, what makes it so distinctive is -- it's orange. A rather bright orange, at that. After nearly five years of Gundam action figures, from GUNDAM WING, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM and its sequels, G-GUNDAM, GUNDAM SEED, and even ZETA GUNDAM from Japan, I don't ever recall a predominantly ORANGE Mobile Suit ever being part of the collection!

The explanation for this unusual GINN is as follows, courtesy of Dave Goellnitz: Miguel Aiman was a senior ZAFT pilot in the elite Le Creuset team. During his career, he would prove himself to be an excellent pilot, and would earn the nickname, "Magic Bullet of Dusk." He would recieve his own custom GINN unit, painted in a distinctive color scheme. During the battle of Helopolis, his custom suit was under going repairs, so during the time of the battle he would pilot a regular GINN during his encounters with the Earth Alliance Strike Gundam. His custom GINN appears in the SEED Mobile Suit Variations line.

Brother, if you're going to fly something that sticks out like a sore thumb as much as this GINN does, then you'd better be an excellent pilot.

Seriously, though, it's a very cool Gundam toy, with all the quality and articulation that we've come to expect from Bandai on these figures. As with the standard GINN, it comes with plenty of accessories, including a sword, rifle, bazooka (that's what I'm calling it, anyway), and two pairs of spare hands designed for holding the weapons.

The GINN itself has something of a Zaku-like appearance, as I mentioned in my review of the standard Mobile GINN, and is the traditional mobile suit for the enemy ZAFT forces in the Gundam SEED series.

If you have the opportunity to acquire MIGUEL'S GINN for your Gundam collection at a reasonable price, then I most definitely recommend it. Its unusual coloring alone will make it one of the most distinctive pieces in your collection!