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By Thomas Wheeler

This particular entry in the 12" Star Wars Collection has been reported before, supposed to have been part of a couple of precious assortments, but never quite made it. Having acquired the figure, I can see why -- it's immense. It required special packaging and I doubt very much that it would've fit well into a shipping case with smaller, more normal-sized 12" Star Wars figures.

The Gamorrean Guards are the massive, burly, and none-too-bright guards that watch over the palace of Jabba the Hutt in "Return of the Jedi". They've been described as "pig-guards", which is accurate, but there's a certain amount of bulldog in their facial expression, too, in my opinion.

The figure is nicely done, and very well sculpted. He comes up a little short in the articulation department, but this may be due to his sheer bulk. Even Boss Nass, the previous record-holder for overweight 12" Star Wars figures, isn't this chubby. The Gamorrean Guard moves at the head, arms, wrists, and legs.

The lack of articulation is compensated for by the amount of detail. The sculpt is excellent, and so is the fabric uniform. The tunic is made from a patchwork leather-like material, and the figure also has an immense furry loincloth. It's so furry that it had to have a tag placed on it marking it as a plush product. A flexible plastic belt completes the outfit very nicely.

Accessories include two highly detailed axes, both different. Only one of the Guard's hands is really designed to hold one of these, but the other one can either be tucked into the other hand, or slid under the belt and carried on the back.

The only thing I find I have to question is the paint job. For starters, the figure's skin could stand to be greener. For another thing, while I can understand a certain amount of paint-wiping to bring out the creases and details -- sort of -- there's this glossy dark brown paint smeared around the deep-set eyes so badly that he looks like he's trying to imitate a raccoon -- badly. This was totally unnecessary.

The Gamorrean Guard is a K*B Toys exclusive, and I highly recommend getting him in a store if at all possible. He's less expensive there than online, and you won't pay any shipping charge. Of course your odds aren't quite as good. I was stunned when one of the managers at the K*B near me showed me two Gamorrean Guards on the shelf, and commented that he was surprised they'd lasted long enough for me to get one. And the one I bought was in a pretty crunched box.

The Gamorrean Guards have always been a decently popular entry in the Star Wars universe, and they're certainly different looking from average humanoid major characters. On that basis, I definitely recommend adding this figure to your 12" STAR WARS Collection!