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Wal-Mart has had a habit of getting unusual Batman goods over the past year or so. They got individually carded Batman and Superman figures, and they got boxed two-packs featuring Batman and one other individual, generally in a slightly recolored format.

The pattern continued in late May, as three new boxed two-packs emerged. These two-packs have proven highly popular for two reasons -- they're a store exclusive, and they're very affordable. The two-packs cost $5.96 apiece. That's generally the cost of one Batman figure on a conventional card with accessories. The new Batman two-packs include the following:

BATMAN vs. THE RIDDLER: Batman is outfitted in a blue and black uniform, with what might be called a "posed cape" that looks like it's flying in the wind. The Riddler is dressed in his best suit, mostly green with black, and it seems to have almost a metallic sheen to it. Rather unusual but also appropriate enough for the flashy villain.

BATMAN vs. TWO-FACE: Batman is garbed in a grey and black uniform that clearly has some technological enhancements. Two-Face, not surprisingly, is outfitted in his split-color suit. I can't be certain, since I don't recall what the original Two-Face figure looks like, but I think they reversed the colors, giving the "white" side of the suit to Two-Face's unscarred side, and the black side of the suit to his scarred side.

BATMAN and ROBIN: Clearly the most popular of the three-packs by far, and for good reason. Batman is outfitted in a very impressive black uniform with dark blue cowl and cape, and yellow Bat-insignia. That's not the really impressive part. They have taken the Tim Drake Robin figure, and instead of giving him the red and black outfit from the animated series, it has been extensively recolored in the red and green motif more familiar to readers of the comics. This is to my knowledge the first time this Robin figure has been colored in
this pattern, and the result is very cool. It's no surprise that the Riddler and Two-Face sets are fairly easy to come by, but not Robin.

However, all three sets are very nice, and I certainly recommend them to any Bat-fan with a Wal-Mart in their area, assuming these toys are still available as you read this.