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By Thomas Wheeler

Easily one of the largest entries in the Marvel Legends collection is JUGGERNAUT, a longtime foe of the X-Men who certainly lives up to his name. This is one of those really solid, bulky action figures that you really hope will stay put on the display hooks in the stores, because if he falls off and lands on your foot, you're going to risk some broken toes.

Juggernaut is Cain Marko, step-brother of Professor Charles Xavier. Always a bully and not exactly known for his intellect, Marko is not, unlike many of the X-Men's foes, a mutant. He discovered a mystic object called the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. This imbued Marko with phenomenal physical strength, and outfitted him with a suit of invulnerable armor. Marko can survive indefinitely without water, food, or oxygen. He is truly an unstoppable force, and virtually no known physical force can stop him. Although virtually immune to any form of injury, he is vulnerable to telepathic attack, but only if his helmet, which shields his mind from such assaults, is removed. Needless to say, this is not easily accomplished.

In more recent years, Juggernaut has teamed with Black Tom Cassidy, brother of sometime-X-Man Banshee. One of their more notable adventures also pit them against Deadpool. More recently, Juggernaut changed his ways, and was welcomed as a member of the X-Men. As violent as the world had become for mutants, although Juggernaut was not himself a mutant, his strength was a valuable addition to the team.

The Juggernaut figure is truly amazing. It has 40 points of articulation, and I would not have thought it possible to make a figure that was this bulky this poseable.

For starters, the figure is huge. He stands nearly 8 inches in height, compared to the more standard 6 inches or so of most Marvel Legends. He's about the same height as the Hulk figure, and arguably bulkier, but Juggernaut's physique is also a bit more exaggerated.

Juggernaut is poseable at the head, arms, upper arm swivel, elbows, lower-arm swivel, wrists, index fingers, remaining finger groups, thumbs (!), waist (a very oddly articulated area that I can't quite figure out how it was assembled), legs, upper leg swivel, double-jointed knees, lower leg swivel, ankles, and toe groups. A fair portion of the articulation is very cleverly hidden in his armor design.

Detailing is excellent, although I could live without the painted veins in his arms. While I am not normally a fan of "weathering", there's just a little dry-brush work on the armor areas that make them look more metallic. I did, however, remove the silver-painted "gash" on the helmet.

Juggernaut's helmet is removable, and the face sculpt underneath, although pretty ugly, is very well done, both in painting and in detail. He's got this wicked grin on his face. You know he just loves doing what he does, which is generally breaking things.

The figure comes with a display base. This is strictly ornamental. While some action figures can make use of a display base to help them stand up better, Juggernaut needs a display base the way a fish needs a bicycle. Plant this big guy's feet on any reasonably level surface and he's not going anywhere.

Juggernaut comes with a comic book, a reprint of the original X-Men #13, the debut of the character. This comic goes so far back that the reprint even still says "Marvel Pop Art Productions". Arguably, buying Juggernaut is probably the most economical way of getting this comic story. I would expect that the original sells for something more than $7.00.

In my opinion, Juggernaut is one of the coolest new additions to the Marvel Legends series. The combination of massive size with astounding articulation is a definite credit to the people at Toy Biz. If you can find him (and believe me, he's hard to miss), JUGGERNAUT has my distinct recommendation!