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By Thomas Wheeler

For those unfamiliar with Marvel Legends -- first of all, shame on you. But by means of explanation, Marvel Legends are Toy Biz's super-detailed, super-articulated versions of some of Marvel's most popular heroes. The figures have proven to be very well made and highly collectible. Some of the character choices have been a little peculiar, but overall, it's proven to be an excellent collection overall.

So I recently added CABLE to my collection. Who is Cable? His real name is Nathan Summers, son of the X-Man known as Cyclops. Cable was abducted into a distant possible future and trained by warriors called the Askani. He returned to the present day to fight his most implacable enemy, the mutant known as Apocalpyse. Cable has telekinetic and some telepathic abilities, but these powers are most often channeled inward. Cable was infected with a techno-organic virus that, if not kept in check, could transform Cable's entire body into an organic metal. As it is, his left arm is fully affected by this virus. Cable has superhuman strength, the arm somewhat greater. One of his eyes, partially affected by the virus, allows him to see in the infrared spectrum.

Cable is a warrior, and has had some trouble fitting in with other mutants. He has tended to be more "gung-ho" than Professor Charles Xavier and the X-Men, due in a large part to his training, background, and environment in which he was raised. Cable is, for all practical purposes, a soldier. He is also a capable leader, and led the rather militant team known as X-Force for a time. These days, he co-stars with Deadpool in a Marvel comic bearing both of their names. He's been acting a little stranger than usual, but co-starring with Deadpool on a regular basis would likely make anyone a little nuts.

The Cable figure is excellent. Well proportioned and superbly detailed, it has 43 points of articulation, including head, shoulders, swivel arm, double joined elbows, double jointed wrists, finger groups, mid-torso, waist, legs, upper leg swivel, mid-leg swivel, double-jointed knees, lowerleg swivel, ankles, and toe groups. Remind me never to move to China and take a job at Toy Biz's assembly plants.

The likeness is excellent, and if I have any complaints, it would be that the detail is almost a little excessive in some areas. I don't really need to see Cable's veins painted that darkly on his arms and neck, and what's up with those lips. Did Deadpool sneak up between the last issues and paint lipstick on him or something!? I don't mind if these details are painted, but Toy Biz should tone down the color a bit.

There's also the odd fact that the figure is molded mostly in flesh-colored plastic and then painted -- even including parts that should've been molded in their primary color, such as the techno-organic arm, and some of the articulation joints, which is the last place you really want to have to put paint that might rub off. Other parts are molded in the blue or yellow of his uniform, but some of the base color choices are a little strange.

Still, on the whole, the figure is impressive, and I'm not really complaining. I guess I'm just trying, as always, to understand some of the decisions made regarding the manufacture of this (or any) action figure. Maybe I ought to give up on that.

Cable comes with some notable accessories, including an ammo-loaded set of shoulder pads, and a fairly large gun. Overall, if you're a Cable fan, or an X-Fan, you'll definitely want this figure (assuming you can find him). I give him my definite recommendation!