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By Thomas Wheeler

Looking back at a more recent STAR WARS exclusive set, I don't often mention packaging when I write a review. Same reason I don't often mention accessories. From my perspective, when I'm buying an action figure, I'm buying the FIGURE, not the container it comes in or a bunch of potential vacuum cleaner bait. But I have known some people that buy a figure 'specifically' for the accessories, and if I get started on the collectors who buy a toy to keep it in its package, and will scrutinize that package with everything this side of an electron microscope to make sure that it is as defect-free as possible -- well, this review would go off on a tangent and involve a lot more sarcasm than it has to.

That having been said, it's hard NOT to take note of the interior package design to one of the STAR WARS BATTLE PACKS that have turned up over the last year.

Although arguably part of the Revenge of the Sith Collection, they don't specifically carry the Episode III logo, and indeed some of the sets have not been specifically designated for Episode III of the movie. Indeed, one of the sets hails from the Classic Trilogy, and is called "Rebel vs. Empire".

These Battle Packs are boxed sets of five figures, generally previous releases, sometimes redone somewhat, packed, generally, in a fairly fancy setting.

There have been some store exclusives. The REALLY elusive one, for obvious reasons, is the K-Mart Exclusive Jedi Temple Assault Set, which includes: Anakin/Darth, a Clone Pilot, and most notably, three blue-trimmed Clone Troopers. There's only one K-Mart in this town, it's not easy to get to, and if they ever even had this set, I don't know about it. Any help from MasterCollector's fine readers would be appreciated.

Then there was the Target Exclusive Set -- CLONE ATTACK ON CORUSCANT. This is an impressive set that has also proven highly popular. And not just for the figures.

The set features four Clone Troopers and a Clone Commander, whom I shall discuss in a few paragraphs, but really, it's the package design that needs to be noted. Most of the Battle Packs feature a simple backdrop for the most part. Not this one.

The Clone Attack on Coruscant Set does have a backdrop. It's a sky view of Coruscant, with the Jedi Temple in the background. Clearly the attack is underway, as the Temple is pouring smoke into the sky. But the figures are mounted into a raised cardboard display of a Clone Trooper Transport Ship, four of them in an open bay and the fifth in the doorway. All have their weapons at the ready. All are in battle positions. One of the Clones even has one leg up on the raised edge of the transport, and his hand is holding the top of the opening.

Packaging this set of figures must've been a colossal pain for the factory workers. But I have to say that the results are pretty darned impressive.

Now, let's consider the figures. You get four Clone Troopers and one Clone Commander. These are all recolored from previous figures. The Clone Commander, unlike the dark red or dark green trim of the single-carded Clone Commander, has steel blue trim on his uniform. The end result is actually very impressive. He comes with a big rifle and according to the package, has "Quick-Draw" attack features.

The Clone Troopers in the set are not the best representatives of the Clone Troopers from an articulation standpoint. The mold used is the same one that was used for the deluxe carded Clone Trooper that came with a jet pack -- the Clone with the red circle on his chest armor that was just asking to be used as a target.

These Clone Troopers have pre-posed, bent elbows, and their overall arm articulation is very limited. Still, it's a credit to the packaging as a whole that they look as cool as they do. The package is arguably a diorama of sorts, and that's what these Clone Troopers would be best used for.

Their legs, fortunately, are more versatile. Because of a bit of extra space between the torso armor and the top of the leg armor than most Clone Trooper figures, these actually move better at the leg than even the Super-Articulated Clone Trooper. They also bend and swivel at the knees and ankles.

The Clone Troopers are armed either with blaster rifles or pistols. Their armor has grey trim on it, something I don't recall seeing offhand in the movie, and which hasn't been available on any other Clone Trooper figure. They have grey shoulder pads, waists, belts, and lower legs, and grey striping on their arms, chests, and upper legs.

I'm not often inclined to keep a set of figures in its package, but this one may be an exception. For one thing, the limited arm articulation of the Clone Troopers means that there's only so much that one could do with them pose-wise, regardless of how impressive the leg articulation is. For another thing, I doubt I could top the display image that they are packaged with. It looks like it should be possible to open this box, pop the figures out (I thankfully see no evidence of those annoying plastic-coated wire twist-ties), and perhaps replace them later on. But I'm not sure I want to take the chance of damaging the packaging -- and for me to say that is highly unusual.

Regardless of whether you open it or not, however, this is a very cool set. It's a good army-builder for those who want as many Clone Troopers as possible, and the overall look of the set in package is as impressive as anything I've ever seen. As I said, I normally don't pay a lot of attention to, or even care that much, about how a figure is packaged, and most of the time I think pre-posing a figure and securing him in an ornate package is a needless step (and sometimes very frustrating when you're trying to free the figure from it all), but there are exceptions, and this is one of them.

In package or otherwise, I definitely recommend the Target exclusive CLONE ATTACK ON CORUSCANT Battle Pack from the STAR WARS Collection!