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The Homer!

Not since Henry Ford released the Edsel has there ever been a conceptual vehicle explode onto the show room floor and then to obscurity with such fan fare as "The HOMER"!

The folks at Polar lights saw the beauty of this vehicle and captured it in a snap assembly level one model kit. A great looking kit molded in the traditional lime green color as it appeared in the episode "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" The kit also includes brown molded interior parts and more chrome parts than any vehicle kit I have assembled in years. Once completed this kit commands attention. Some of the highlights of this vehicle are the outlandish accessories such as a domed observation seat, air horn, paper towel dispenser, and even an evergreen tree air freshener. It appears no detail was over-looked, right down to the pre painted Homer Simpson figure that snaps into the driver's seat.

This kit features oversized parts that snap into place with minimal effort. One item of interest is the clear plastic two-piece dome that snaps over the observation seat. The builder needs to use caution when snapping it into place. The instructions specifically cautions a builder to "gently" push these pieces into place. As I pushed down to snap the dome into position I cracked the rear glass. A young builder should not run into this problem, I simply applied too much downward pressure. Once assembled, the crack is visible but not "overly noticeable". Don't be worried, this was the only real problem I encountered during the build.

The kit is molded in the correct colors and requires absolutely no painting to achieve a presentable look. I took the liberty to paint a few items just to bring out some of the details. But it would be safe to say, unpainted, this kit still displays nicely. Items I painted were the interior of the clear tail light lenses (red), front running lights/ turn signals (yellow), paper towel roll (white), gas/brake pedal (silver), and inner portion of ram air hood scoop and the telephone hand set (flat black). Decal application was a breeze with brightly colored emblems printed on clear adhesive-backed stickers. Decals included dashboard, rear license plate, "Homer" body emblems and the details for the evergreen air freshener.

Assembly consists of free wheeling metal axles and hard plastic tires capped off with chrome disc wheel covers. These wheels easily fit onto the axle and roll freely when assembled. Followed by interior assembly, the main body of the vehicle simply snaps onto the assembled chassis. With the body in place simply add the rear fin/spoiler assembly and the remaining chrome accents and the kit is pretty much completed. Directional cuts are made on the mounting pins on some key parts to ensure they are properly mounted to the vehicle. The Bowling Trophy hood ornament and the spare tire mount for example can only be mounted in one direction.

I chose to coat the completed model with a coat of gloss clear lacquer to bring out a more presentable show room shine.

This model is a good companion kit for previous released Polar Lights kits such as, Scooby Do's Mystery Machine and the Jetson's Space car. But it is hardly realistic enough to sit next to some of their other car kits such as, the Back to the Future Delorean or Echto One due to the cartoonish design.

From a challenge perspective, this is a simple kit to assemble. A child would have little or no problem putting this together and playing with it. I would recommend using glue to hold some of the parts in place if an individual chooses to use this as a play-thing. This is a great beginner model for children or for an avid Simpsons fan. This kit is far superior to the original "Crash Bandicoot" snap kit originally released by Polar Lights. I would recommend this kit to any beginner modeler.

Assembly time was less than one hour start to finish. Easy to follow instructions with several humorous drawings of Homer throughout make this kit a fun kit to assemble. Young builders will get a kick out of building the Homer and adding it to their display shelf.

Until next time, I will be at Moe's Tavern, hoisting a frosty cold Duff's with the fellas.