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Polar Lights presents GODZILLA King of the Monsters

"In 1954, a Japanese film director, Ishiro Honda and Toho Co., LTD introduced "Gojira", a somber black and white film that tells the cautionary tale of the effect of mankind's excursion into atomic weapons testing. The movies story line begins with a series of mysterious disasters off the coast of Japan. The result is a gigantic 164 foot high, prehistoric lizard brought back to life and mutated by radiation fall-out from American atomic testing in the South Pacific Sea."
Quoted from the Instruction Sheet.

There are few figure/creature model kits available today that are both unique and original by nature. Countless models companies do release non-vehicle kits but for the most part these kits are not released to local retailers such as Toys R Us or Hobby Lobby. To find a challenging kit a builder may use on-line venues such as "e- hobbies" or mail order vendors such as "Village Comics."

Polar Lights has answered the call with not a good kit, but a GREAT kit! Enter, Godzilla! Or in my house "Oh my Godzilla!" This model is HUGE! The box alone is so large it had to be placed on the end caps at my local Hobby Lobby! At about $28 this is one model that demands attention in any collection. Polar Lights had previously re-released the Aurora version but it does not come close to the visual presence that this monster commands. Not since Aurora released "Big Frankie" has there been such a fine large-scale figure kit available to the public. Completed, this kit stands a staggering 16 inches tall! That is a monument in styrene! Compared to the height of the original Aurora at roughly nine inches in height this is truly, King of the Monsters!

Getting started I was first drawn to the base. As a child, presentation was always something I sought after. My planes had to have pilots; space ships had astronauts and so on. The base of this kit is a very nice combination of structures, rubble and a tank! All this base needs is a bunch of scared people running from the carnage. I will eventually add that with some model railroad miniatures down the road. A neat accessory for the monster is the addition of two rail cars. One car fits nicely into his hand and the other in his mouth. These cars add to the character of the creature but also look good lying (destroyed) on the base. There is also a molded rail car on the base itself for continuity. Three buildings stand in ruins on the base only to be separated by the railway tracks intersecting the display stand. The main base is actually two pieces, but when glued and puttied, you can't see where they connect. Actually, there is a molded crack in the ground that looks more like the seam than the seam itself! Very well engineered! The base is 14 molded parts and a painter's dream comes true. Only limited to your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

The monster itself was quite an undertaking! The big parts assembled quickly but there was a few areas requiring extensive putty. Don't let that statement mislead you; the heavy putty was to mask where the tail joined with the torso. It's a rather large area due to the size of this kit. I must admit I have assembled snap kits with more difficulty! I don't know if it was the sheer size of the parts or the gleam in my eye as it was going together but I had no difficulty gluing this kit together. Twenty-nine parts are required for the monster's sub assembly. Once completed you then must glue on his additional 30 fins going up his spine. Yes, that is 59 parts! (Add four more for the two rail cars!)

Painting was a breeze due to the mammoth size. My kit (which was modeled in green) was first base coated in black and then lightly sprayed with military green, dry brushing on the highlights of greens and browns took no time at all. Once painted, a heavy coat of matte spray and it was ready for the shelf! Or in this case, it was ready for the floor!

This kit is marketed as a Level II kit for experienced builders but I would have to think that is a bit harsh of a rating. Perhaps the Level II is due to the fact this kit is taller than most level one builders? The painting of this kit was the true pleasure in the assembly. I think it would be an excellent kit for a young builder to attempt. Bigger parts, bigger paintbrushes go well with smaller hands. I would have no problem recommending this kit to a youngster, with supervision when painting of course. The parts fit snug when initially glued and at no time did I have to band parts to close mold gaps. It's an awesome kit for all ages.

The biggest challenge posed by this kit is where to display it. But that is another story! Until next time, remember, teach your kids to build today, because they will build tomorrow.