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Hulk is a definite SMASH!
by Scott Beckmann

As a devoted fan of Aurora figure kits I was excited to hear the reissue of one of the most sought after figure kits ever produced, "The Incredible Hulk"! I have seen this kit available at different venues and it always seems just out of reach of my price range. As an Aurora completest I could not rest until I assembled and painted this figure.

Polar Lights has re-tooled the original molds and upped the scale to an easier to assemble 1/8". Though not the original size, Polar Lights has accomplished resurrecting this figure in its 1960's splendor. The massive kit consists of only 20 numbered parts that assemble with no difficulty whatsoever. Assembly instructions are reminiscent of the original instructions right down to the artwork. And I was pleased to see a painting guide was included. My kit was molded in white and I am unaware if this was one of the "White Lightning" chase kits Polar Lights is known for. I know the original Aurora was molded in green.

General assembly was a breeze. I assembled the upper torso and legs first and puttied all the seams with "Squadron White Putty". Once sanded smooth I repeated the process to the upper torso and head. Note I scribed in the hair design across the seam of the head and ear area to camouflage the seam and not require sanding. By doing this there was no loss of the molded hair by sanding. Simply apply putty to the seam and take the corner of a small screwdriver (or even a pencil) and scratch in the direction of the hair. When the putty dries and is painted there is no visible seam and a more pronounced hairline. Once the remainder of the upper torso was sanded I attached the arms and puttied the shoulder area. When all sanding was complete I was very pleased that all visible seams were hidden. This is a first for me, achieving a seamless look on the first try. Filled seams are essential to this kit due to the shirtless and shoeless features of the design. The torn pants were assembled and puttied using the same process as the hair.

The instructions called for the skin tone of bright green. I base coated the flesh area with flat dark green (an army color) and dry brushed some flat white highlights. I then dry brushed a lighter shade of military light green and zinc oxide (lime green) over the dry brushed areas. Fingernails were also painted individually with the zinc oxide for contrast. Eyes and teeth were individually painted bright white. (Gums highlighted with light amounts of red)

The instructions called for the Hulk's hair to be dark green. For this I dry brush black over the dark green base coat. At first glance the hair appears solid black, but when the light hits it, the hair is unmistakably green.

His trousers are recommended purple. The one color I never seem to have. I started with a dark blue base coat and mixed Testor's flat red and flat bright blue to get a nice shade of dark purple. I dry brushed the shade over the pants. I then added a trace amount of flat white to highlight the ragged edges around the torn knee areas. I then used Model master's "wood" to highlight the molded rope belt.

The base was painted with a black base coat dry brushed with mixtures of light and dark browns, with a light amount of red added in for good measure. The nameplate and "shock bolt" were both sprayed bright yellow with hand painted red highlights. When painting the words on the nameplate I did not use a brush. I took a standard #2 pencil with an unused erasure and dabbed the erasure in a small amount of paint. I lightly dabbed the erasure over the raised edges of the words on the nameplate with red. In no time anyone can successfully paint the nameplate without any errors. Once all painting was complete I shot the entire kit with matte finish to unify the paint sheen. Once dried this kit is truly "incredible"!

Available at most hobby outlets for around $15 this kit is truly a joy to assemble and paint. This was a therapeutic kit for me. It has been a long time since I truly enjoyed 100% of a build. I strongly recommend picking one of these guys up before they are all gone. Total build time was around 2 hours. Double that for prep and painting and you can have this guy standing tall in an afternoon.

Until next time, keep the shop windows cracked and the fresh air circulating.