Doll News 4/28
"Love Letters"

One of Ashton Drake's ensembles for their GENE doll, is now available. Limited to a production of 5000, it retails for $39.95. Some of the GENE costumes in the past have been known to stain the dolls due to the dyes used in the manufacturing process. Add "Love Letters" to the list. It has been leaving red stains on the doll's vinyl. The beautiful "Dance With Me" dressed doll is also available. She is also limited to 5000 pieces. The FAO Schwarz Exclusive "Spotted in the Park" doll (LE of 3,500) has also been appearing on the doorsteps of those who ordered her. Available at . Most other Gene dolls and ensembles are available from your favorite Gene doll dealer or Ashton Drake directly.

Mattel's BARBIE Doll as WONDER WOMAN is hitting store shelves. It has been seen at Warner Bros. Studio Stores and is shipping as we speak to dealers and shops. She comes complete with her famous gold crown, bullet deflecting bracelets and Lasso of Truth. I have also seen Dorothy, Glinda and the Munchkins in the WIZARD OF OZ series. They are really wonderful and I look forward to seeing the Tinman, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion. Kelly and Tommy as The Munchkins are adorable and flying off the shelves. On the same topic…the Raggedy Ann and Andy set is also shipping and has been found by collectors already.

The original Hitty doll was hand carried from her home at the Stockbridge Public Library in Stockbridge Massachusetts and made a very rare public appearance and was presented to a group of Hitty enthusiasts at a luncheon at the Santa Fe 2000 show. This was an opportunity for collectors to take pictures and to hear how the Museum Replicas of the 1000 piece edition produced by Michael Langton Enterprises were made.Many of the people there were happy to hear how, with the aid of a laser and computer, Michael Langton duplicated the original doll with absolutely no danger to the original . This is the first time this state of the art method of reproduction was used on a doll and it is quite understandable that the procedure would be unfamiliar to most. The cooperation that Simon and Schuster has shown towards this unique opportunity, by allowing a miniature reproduction of the original printing of the 1929 edition of Hitty, Her First 100 Years to accompany this precious reproduction was explained. This miniature signed and dated book was shown to fit perfectly in the bottom of the sea chest that was made to protect the doll and the book. This three piece set (doll, book and chest) was for sale for $750 and due to the enthusiastic response at the show, all the sets brought were sold. Orders were taken and interested parties should contact Michael Langton Enterprises at 603-772-2915 to secure their set.

Sideshow Toy is taking online pre-orders for their Series 3 of the fantastic "UNIVERSAL MONSTER" action figures. This wave of the 8" articulated masterpieces includes Claude Rains as "The Invisible Man", Lon Chaney as "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and the Metaluna Mutant from the sci-fi classic "This Island Earth". Each one features realistic detail, movie props, a sculpted base and "engraved" nameplate. Pre-orders can be placed on the company's website as of May 5th for June delivery.

Collectors who have been waiting for the Playing Mantis release of Kid Action (the reissue of Ideal's 1966 Action Boy) are finally reaping the reward. This line just gets better and better. Released in the longbox style from the sixties, this quality reproduction is near identical to the original. From his beret style cap, knife and boomerang to his faithful pet panther, this replica is practically perfect. This is also a company that listens to it's customers. Responding to critical comments from collectors, the new figure features vintage style metal snaps and metallic foil chest emblem. The company has also re-released the rare "blue variation" Lone Ranger costume in a vintage style windowbox.