Doll News 5/12
One of the best doll deals on the Internet right now
By John Medeiros

One of the best doll deals on the Internet right now can be found at This new company made their debut last year and is celebrating the launch of their new website with a 75% off sale. For $19.99 plus shipping they are offering a choice of one of their many wonderful "stock" 18" fashion/play dolls and including 10 outfits in the deal. The quality vinyl dolls are posable and are wigged in many great styles. There are also huge clothing and accessory grab bags on sale for $9.95. Many of their furniture items are also marked down. The quality is high and comparable to Pleasant Company's doll line. I don't know how long this sale will last so head over there quickly.

Gene collectors are very excited about the release of her arch-rival "Madra Lord". Originally slated for October release, online rumors persist that she was being pushed back till December. However, according to representatives at Ashton Drake, the doll will be shipping to dealers in October as originally announced. If you need your Gene fix now, the "Kiss Me, Gene" doll is starting to show up at retailers including FAO Schwarz.

Fans of Billy Boy's glamorous "Mdvanni" fashion dolls now have a bulletin board of their own. AOL members can check it out by following the path to Antiques and Collectibles>Toys, Dolls and Figurines>Dolls/Figures Message Boards M-Z>Mdvanni Dolls.

Looks like Robert Tonner's "Esme", friend of the Tyler Wentworth doll, will be available in August. This beauty is an open edition so everybody can add her to their "House of Wentworth" collections. The fashions for this year look spectacular. "Champagne Bubble" (LE 3000) "Madison Avenue Afternoon" (open edition) and "Casual Luxury" (Dressed Tyler Doll LE 3000) are particular standouts.

The big buzz among Barbie collectors this week is the arrival of the 2000 Fashion Avenue outfits at retailers like Toy R Us. Along with the regular Fashion Avenue line the Generation Girl FA's are also showing up. The "Cool Collecting Barbie Doll" which has sold out at Mattel was spotted on sale at Walmart for $44. You may even be able to get her cheaper from smaller doll dealers. Just because Mattel has no more in their warehouse does not mean the doll dealers or retailers are sold out. This doll is great and comes with miniature versions of collectible toys like a Magic 8 Ball, Barbie Queen of the Prom Game, and a fabulous miniaturized "bakelite" Viewmaster viewer with three tiny reels. The surprise of the set is that these are actually real replicas of the hard to find vintage "Barbie Around the World" reels. So, open that box up and have some fun. Plus her retro-vintage "sidepart" look make her a perfect model for vintage fashions.

If you are a collector of Ashton Drake's Gene , Robert Tonner' s Tyler, Willow and Daisy & other 15" to 17" Fashion Dolls., you have to check out "The House of Harcat". This husband and wife team make beautiful " scale furniture. John Harcat is a furniture maker by trade and he puts the same attention to craftsmanship and detail in these miniature versions as he does to the human sized pieces. I have several of their items in my display and they really bring the dolls to life. Some of the fine pieces they offer are armoires, vanity tables, beds, tables, chairs, bookcases, drafting tables (perfect for Tyler) and even a grandfather clock. John and Judy also make classy custom wooden stands for all sizes of dolls in choices of three finishes.