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2001 Barbie Fashion Models SOLD OUT

Anybody who doubted the Barbie Fashion Model series was limited is eating his or her words now. The entire 2000 line has been sold out at Mattel for months and the basic brunette Lingerie Model is fetching $200 and up on the secondary market. Word from Mattel is that the entire 2001 line that debuted last month at Toy Fair is also now officially sold out. Pre-order from your doll dealer now if you donıt want to miss out on these extremely collectible ladies.


Dawn collectors rejoice! Not only will the new Checkerboard Toys line include Dawnıs friends Angie, Dale and Glori, but also an entire line of hip and "retro" ensembles has been designed for them. "All Wrapped Up" is a special Holiday edition that includes a beautiful Dawn doll in a glamorous ball gown with wrapped gift accessory. Look for the new dolls and three of the outfits to be released this month. Three more designer outfits will follow in the fall. If that wasnıt enough fun, Checkerboard is also releasing a play line of outfits.


Two toy companies are releasing fashion doll versions of Betty & Veronica from the Archie series of comic books. I had a chance to look at and play with the 11.5" posable Veronica doll from Playing Mantis. Part of the companyıs "Hyper Action" line, she is well articulated for a fashion doll. There are 10 points of articulation. She is jointed at the neck, shoulders, waist and hips. She has bendable knees. Her elbows do not bend but have a pivot joint that allows a wide range of arm positions. This feature allows her arms to look very graceful. She comes dressed in a sheath style evening gown of pink nylon jersey with bold black and white striped accent at the bodice. A matching wrap is included. Her accessories include a purse, brush with the initials "B&V" and black shoes clog-like shoes. The example I looked at did not come with a stand and the doll cannot stand on her own.

Effanbee Betty & Veronica Dolls

Overall, I think she is a fun doll and I really liked the arm articulation. Her exaggerated facial painting definitely place her in the category of character dolls, but fans of the comic character should enjoy adding her to their collections. With their animated comic book look, she and Betty could also hang out with the Sailor Moon dolls. Betty comes in three different outfits: khakis and tie-dyed shirt, blue jeans and sweater, and as a cheerleader. Veronica also comes in three different outfits: black leather coat and jeans, pink evening dress, and in her soccer uniform. Each doll comes with an Archie comic book.


I have confirmed that the three exceptional designer Cissy dolls that were shown at Toy Fair by primo designers Laura Meisner. Doug James and Tim Alberts will be released. These dolls will be done in a very small edition so production will be extremely limited. Prices are still being determined. If you have not had a chance to see them, stop by our Toy Fair pages and give them a look. They are exquisite.