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Doll News Nov. 30, 2003

By John Medeiros

Creepy Freaks from WizKids:

The Gross-Out 3D Trading Game

If you grew up on Weirdos, Marx Nutty Mads, Wacky Packs, Ed Roth and Mad
Magazine, you will love this great collecting game.

When a group of kids sneak into an abandoned school, they stumble upon
the nastiest, grossest, and most repulsive group of monsters they've ever
seen, the Creepy Freaks! These disgusting creatures are fighting to find
out who is the creepiest of the Creepy Freaks, and they want the kids to
lead them into battle. The kids agree, and the Freak Outs begin!

A Freak Out is a contest in which two teams of Creepy Freaks face off and
try to make each other run away by doing the grossest things they can
think of. Zombie cats spit giant hairballs! Skeletons drop their brains
out of their skulls! And everybody knows that when Frosty the Snotman
sneezes, somebody's gonna get slimed!

In the Creepy Freaks 3D Trading Game, you collect your own team of Creepy
Freaks and the kids who lead them in Freak Outs. While this new game is
several months off, currently WizKids is planning on inserting a DVD into
every starter, complete with rules, Creepy Freaks effects, and a longer
version of the cartoon that you can watch below. Prepare to be Grossed

This gross-out 3D Trading Game was designed by Wizkids, LLC Founder
Jordan Weisman and creative director Dawne Weisman. As parents and
pioneers of the collectible miniatures game (CMG) industry, the Weisman's
created Creepy Freaks to bring an easy-to-learn CMG to younger children.
The characters are hilariously hideous and equally lovable. The theme of
Creepy Freaks is gross, scary, disgusting fun-gross enough for kids to
enjoy but in a tongue & cheek way that parents can appreciate. The object
of the game is to frighten opponents' characters off the board using
"scare" tactics of your own characters in "Freak Outs". Creepy Freaks
encourages team work and offers kids the opportunity to interact and
build imagination while having fun. There are 56 collectable, tradable
and playable Creepy Freaks. Each character reveals individual "scares"
and "weaknesses" for a dynamic imaginative tabletop game.

The Creepy Freaks Starter set includes one Team Leader, three freaks, one
Creepy Freaks cartoon DVD, four stickers, one six-sided die, an easy to
read rulebook and one game board. Additional Creepy Freak characters are
available in "Boo-ster" packs that contain two figures and stickers.

The Creepy Freaks figures are wonderfully sculpted and painted. They are
hilarious and icky at the same time and are sure to illicit the proper
"ewwwws" among young players and collectors With fun names like "Litter
Kitty", "Curdles", "Zip-Zit", "Monster Under the Bed" and "Worm Breath"
these are sure to please the fan of the gross and spooky.

Their size makes them a perfect stocking stuffer as well. As the package
says."Cough up the Hairballs and Let em Fly!"