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Doll News Nov 27 2003

by John Medeiros

M&C Toys World Peacekeepers

Big Bang for the Bucks!

When Gordon at M&C Toys generously sent me a huge box of their 1/18th
scale Power Team Peacekeepers action figures and play sets, I was
stunned. I have not done any reviewing of 3 &3/4 scale figures, yet here
I was with the entire line spread out before me. I had expected to get
samples of the 1/6th scale line so this was certainly a surprise. As I
unpacked a few of the figures and vehicles I was slowly drawn in by their
tiny details and plentiful accessories. By the time I got to the F-18
Fighter Plane I was totally hooked. Then the articulated camel with
mounted Delta Force rider totally pushed me over the edge. These guys are
too much fun!

At the price point these are being sold, they should smoke the
competition. Ranging from a suggest retail price of $4.99 for the 3
member Delta Force Team set up to $19.99 for the big deluxe F-18 Fighter
Plane, these are priced right to build a big army of troops and gear.

Starting at the top, the F-18 Fight Plane is 24 inches long with a
wingspan of 18 inches. It comes with two fighter pilot figures and
accessories including 8 missiles, boarding ladder and fuel cans. The
canopy is removable and the cockpit seats two figures. SRP: 17.99-$19.99

The Combat Helicopter is a whopping 24" long and the chopper blades span
18". Working doors, blades and landing gear make this vehicle lots of
fun. It comes with two decked out Delta Force guys and lots of
accessories including fuel barrels, gas cans, crates and flak vests.

At 15" long and 19" including the cannon, the Combat Tank makes a
formidable looking vehicle. Crewed by three Marines, it features
accessories including a barbed wire and "steel" blockade, fuel drums and
cans and a full arsenal of heavy weapons including a mounted 30 cal
machine gun. SRP- $13.49-$19.99

Your Rangers will have the advantage with the 12" Lookout Tower set. This
prime position is manned by 3 able Rangers who come fully equipped with
weapons, ammo box, sighting scope, crate, rucksack, oil drum, pliers and
backpack radio. Tower details include a mounted machine gun and ladder
with wire ropes.

The Military Buggy is loaded with 5 high-powered weapons. Enough for the
two supplied Delta Force men to take on any foe. This heavy duty 9" long
vehicle includes an ammo can and bandolier of shells.

Four smaller play sets are available, each containing a smaller vehicle
and rider. The ATV-Dirt Bike is driven by a Ranger and includes weapons,
ammo box, shells and wire cutters. The Military Motorbike is all a Marine
needs to get the job done, along with his weapons, flak vest, radio and
fuel drum. My favorites are the Ranger and Forest Horse set and the
Desert Camel with Delta Force rider. The animals are articulated and the
sets also include various accessories for the figure.

The figures themselves are highly articulated, nicely detailed and
painted and available as single carded figures or in sets like the Three
Man Delta Force Team. This large figure set includes weapons, protective
pads, flack vests, weapons, ammo can, bandolier, radio, sandbags and a
Power Team flag. SRP on the 3 Man set is $4.99.

The Power Team line is available at, and KB Toy