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Doll News Nov.11, 2003

M&C Toys Kari Mitchell - Lots of Bling for Little Bucks

The toy company that gave us a less expensive alternative to 12" highly articulated action figures with their "Power Team" line has turned their attention to the world of fashion dolls.

The big and glamorous Kari Mitchell Designer's Choice Mix & Match Collections retail for $19.95 at stores like Big Lots and are chock full of outfits and accessories.

Each set is color-themed and contains a Kari Mitchell doll dressed in an evening gown, surrounded by ensembles and separates. The color palate includes shades of pink, white, yellow, blue, gold/brown and green.

The dolls come with rooted hair in shades of blonde or brunette in an elegant up-do twist. The dolls have bend-legs are articulated at the neck, waist, hips and have ball/swivel joints at the shoulders for more articulation. The doll has a moderate bust size and looks like most clothes for 11 1/2" fashion dolls would fit her. The vinyls used are high quality. The facial screening is pretty with a slight amine look to it. The sculpt features charming cheek dimples. The dolls come with a "pearl"
necklace and earrings already on.

The gift sets typically include the gown the doll is wearing with an evening wrap, scarf or boa, slacks, skirts, shorts, tops, raincoat with matching hat, several bags, 2 pairs of shoes and knee-high boots. The fabrics and trims used all have a high glamour look and feel to them, but fasten with Velcro for small and younger hands to deal with. Shimmery metallic accents add eye appeal.

These are a perfect gift to a youngster who would enjoy playing fashion dolls with their parent collector. Mom can get out her Barbies and the child has her very own deluxe wardrobe and doll. There is enough realism in the fashions to make them look great on the doll and enough glitz to appeal to the young collector.