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Doll News October 24, 2003

By John Medeiros

Rosie the Riveter-She Can Do It!

Just in time for Christmas shoppers to find a great gift for girls (and boys) of any age, The National D-Day Museum store presents the Rosie Collection, a collection of clothes, collector items and dolls of the World War II persona, Rosie the Riveter. Headlining the collection is a 11-inch American of Valor Rosie the Riveter doll complete with hardhat and welding gloves, which is sold exclusively at The National D-Day Museum store.

As America joined the fight for freedom in World War II, thousands of women left their homes as housewives and mothers to become riveters, welders and shipbuilders. These tough, dedicated, hard-working women became known as Rosie the Riveters. Soon the unforgettable women showed their muscle. Their motto - "We Can Do It!" -became one of the most popular images of the era. Propaganda posters popped up around the country and invited women to become a heralded "Rosie" and assist the war effort from home.

The 11-inch, fully posable Rosie the Riveter doll available in blonde, brunette or redhead. The Rosie doll sports a denim jumpsuit, welding gloves and mask, a bandana on her head and a Higgins Industries hardhat in hand. (Higgins Industries was a major shipbuilding factory in New Orleans that built the LCVP or Higgins Boat.

The 11" doll has a G.I. Jane style body with 19 points of articulation. She is made of hard plastic and vinyl. Her head sculpt is quite pretty with a determined look and a fantastic molded 1940's style "up-do" with curls.

The nicely tailored denim jumpsuit is made of "in scale" fabric and includes real pockets on the bodice and rolled up cuffs at the ankles. Her ID badge is a heat transferred decal. The uniform features snaps rather than Velcro and has the feel of a vintage G.I. Joe garment.

The same vintage look carries through to her accessories. Her bandana is pre-sewn so big fingers won't have to worry about tying it. Her Higgins Boat marked hardhat has early vintage style elastic straps and metal clips. The welding gloves and mask could have been made by Hasbro in the 70s for the Adventure Team.nicely detailed and nostalgic. Her sensible two-toned saddle shoes complete her look.

This would be a great gift for doll collectors as well as G.I. Joe and WWII buffs.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the dolls is donated to the National D-Day Museum.

The American of Valor doll sells for $24.99.