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My Scene Guava Gulch Tiki Lounge

By John Medeiros

The My Scene Guava Gulch Tiki Lounge is the perfect spot for the My Scene tribe to practice for the big band competition and to hang out with friends while they are on vacation. The lounge comes with a thatched roof smoothie bar and stools, table with umbrella and chairs, and a grand entrance walkway. Tons of beach bar accessories are included such as a blender, fruits, drink glasses, popcorn bowl, fish display and more.

This super play set is one of my favorites ever released by Mattel. It not only works for the My Scene dolls, it makes a fantastic display for any 1/6th scale fashion doll or action figure. Even my G.I. Joes prefer to hang out there while on leave in the Pacific.

The set includes colorful Tiki themed bar furniture and accessories. You get the bar itself molded to look like it is made of bamboo with two log supports for the jungle green "palm" awning. The bar is accessorized with a string of faux party lights, the "Guava Gulch" sign with beach sunset design, menu (everything is described as ..mmmm.Homer Simpson would love this place), decorative life ring, and nautical netting with a swordfish and other decorative beach objects.

Two matching bar stools are included molded of blue vinyl with tan "bamboo" legs. For intimate conversations, a table with built-in "thatched hut roof" umbrella seats two or more with cozy sea foam green "rattan" molded vinyl chairs.

The most fun accessories in the set are the two large brown Tiki idols. They come with plastic palm fronds and "Survivor" style torches to add to the South Pacific atmosphere.

The smaller accessories include a frozen drink dispenser, two large Tiki idol tumblers, deluxe tropical drinks in a coconut and pineapple, table candle, tropical flower in vase, bowl of chips and a basket full of tropical fruit.

The play set looks great right out of the box. However, with some dark brown and light tan paint, an industrious collector can weather and distress the furniture pieces with a little dry brushing.

This is a relatively new release and the SRP is $20. TRU however has clearanced it at $10 and with their 50% off green tagged sale.I got mine for $5. Truly a bargain for any collector who likes to display their dolls and figures in settings.