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Meet Blaine's Sister Summer

By John Medeiros

Barbie's Mattel family just keeps growing and growing. Now, even the friends are bringing their siblings into the vinyl fold.

The latest addition is Summer. Part of the popular Cali Girl series, she has been introduced as new-guy Blaine's sister. Both of these cool teens are from Australia and have the golden tans to prove it.

From Summer's box: "The setting sun and rising tide signal the end of another perfect California day at the beach. Surfers paddle to shore and friends gather up their beach gear as they make plans for the night ahead. The day is far from over for Barbie and friends Christie and Summer. There are always lots of fab things to do.

What a great night! After an awesome day soaking up the rays, playing beach volleyball and catching some killer waves, we changed clothes and headed for the glowing lights of the boardwalk. We checked out bikinis, surf shorts and flip flops at the surf shop where we bought a pair of totally cool tinted sunglasses in our favorite color. Outside a small crowd gathered to hear some musicians play. They were really good so we stayed to listen and dance in the warm night air.

There's this really great jewelry stand a few doors down that sells all kinds of cool earrings and offers ear piercing. Feeling adventurous, we all took turns getting our ears pierced. It was completely spontaneous and fun!

At our fave boardwalk café we sat outside and drank fruit smoothies while checking out the cute guys. My older brother Blaine showed up with his friends and hung out for a few minutes. I caught the way he looked at my friend Barbie and realized that she was his reason for being there.

We left the beach and drove up the coast for home in my convertible with the tunes cranked feeling totally happy. Cali Girl. A state of cool."

Summer is just like a true California girl ready for another fun day in the sun! Doll comes with three color-change marks for piercing holes in each ear. When water is rubbed on the ear with the cotton swab, the earring hole marks are revealed. She comes with a tool to pierce the doll's ears. Once the ears are pierced she has 16 pairs of earrings to create a special look. Also included are miniature cotton balls in storage case, an "alcohol" bottle, molded bamboo style stool, Cali Girl magazine and cardboard surfboard stand.

Summer is an especially beautiful Mattel playline doll. She has soft, long and wavy center-parted brunette hair with auburn highlights. Her subtle makeup plays beautifully against her copper tan skin tone.

She wears khaki clam diggers that tie at the knee and is accessorized with a rust colored woven belt with gold buckle. Her olive halter top is detailed with crochet at the neck and a glitter tropical flower appliqué. She wears sea foam green sneakers. The real star of the ensemble is the miniature cable knit white sweater. This incredible tiny garment is meticulously tailored with hood and barrel style buttons with knit loop closures. It is yet another example of the miraculous craftsmanship being done in China these days.

At a SRP of $14-18 you cannot go wrong with this doll. Mattel playline releases just get better and better with more detailing each year. It's no wonder that collectors are buying these dolls.