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Living Dead Dolls Mini Mausoleum #2

By John Medeiros

Spencer Gifts continues to draw the Mezco Toyz customer into its growing Living Dead Doll assortment. Carrying almost every LDD product available in 2003 and 2004, Spencer Gifts also supported two Living Dead Doll Exclusives. Back by popular demand, Spencer is unveiling the LDD Mini Mausoleum #2 including 2 brand new minis available only in the Spencer Gift Mausoleum: mini Red Bedtime Sadie and mini Blue Eggzorcist.

Just in time for Halloween, Spencer Gifts has put their exclusive set on clearance for $19.95. Plus, they are offering a 50% off on certain clearance items. At $10, it is hard not to pick up this fun collection of tiny ghouls. Considering the original price was $49.99, this is a steal. I plan on decorating the candy bowl with them on Oct 31st.

These 4 inch pint-sized frights are enough to make Kelly and Tommy run for their Mommies. Patterned after the popular small Barbie family members from Mattel, these undead kids have great appeal to the Goth crowd. Even in their ghoulishness, they have a high "cute factor".

SCHITZO the clown is molded of ghost white plastic and vinyl. He comes dressed in his black satin clown suit with red velvet cuffs and red foil star buttons. He has black shoes and a tiny bowler clown hat.

LILLITH the vampire is molded of blue vinyl and has particularly ghastly face details. Her rooted long black hair forms a widow's peak. She is dressed in a "Morticia-like" black velvet gown with pointed octopus train and a bloodstained white bodice insert. She has low black shoes and white painted panties.

LOTTIE is the classy ghoul in the pack and has white skin and rooted black hair in a pageboy with bangs. Her white satin coat has black button detailing and black plush cuffs and bottom hem. She has black painted panties and black low shoes.

SHEENA the punk-rocker is my favorite. Her hair is black flocked with wild and long scarlet bangs. She sports piercings that include three earrings and her lip. Her outfit is a red patent leather miniskirt with attached black suspenders and shirt that reads "No Future!" Over this she wears her tiny black motorcycle jacket emblazoned on the back with "PUNKS NOT DEAD" her black painted undies and high black boots complete her "Born to Die" look. My favorite detail is her black painted fingernails.

BRIDE OF VALENTINE is a mini masterpiece with her long rooted black hair with white fright streak and surgical incision face paint featuring one red and one blue eye. Her gauze arm and leg wrappings are the perfect compliment to her white "bleeding heart" and lace detailed wedding dress. She has white painted panties and tall black boots.

EGGZORCIST is one of the exclusive dolls to this set. She has short white pixie cut hair with curly bangs and ghastly pinkish-white skin. Her exclusive blue jersey bunny suit has a matching cowl with ears.

The other exclusive doll in the collection is a red version of BEDTIME SADIE. She has long black hair with straight bangs and sleepy half-mast bedroom eyes. She wears her one piece red PJs with black skull and crossbones pattern and matching sleeping cap. She has a charming "Z" carved into her forehead.

Head on over to Spencer Gifts and pick up these nasty cuties for your Halloween celebrations. The gift set of seven dolls is one of the best deals out there right now.