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Doll News October 15, 2002

Barbie Gets Bratty!

Barbie and her friends have jumped on the "Big Eye" bandwagon with Mattel’s release of three beautiful 12 inch fashion dolls in a new line called "My Scene". The new girls are Chelsea, Madison and of course, Barbie.

Obviously created to compete with the wildly successful "Bratz" line of dolls, these leggy mall divas share the large heads with exaggerated facial features, trendy fashions and oversized footwear of their predecessors. But, that is where the similarity ends.

I am a fan of the "Bratz" dolls, but I have always been bothered by the fact that they had no feet. Basically their legs end in peg that pops into the socket in the oversized molded shoes. The new Mattel beauties have real feet, so they can wear other types of footwear. They are also taller than the 10-inch tall Bratz dolls and can wear many other Mattel Barbie sized fashions including the Fashion Avenue line.

The facial screening is very pretty on these dolls…not as much of the attitude that makes the "Bratz" gals so appealing. But, they are Barbie and her friends after all…so beauty is a priority.

As their eye-catching boxes state, "My Scene girls have a two outfit minimum!" Each girl come with two complete outfits and a stand that coordinates with their package/outfit coloring .

Here is the de-boxed scoop on all three gals:

CHELSEA has a light skin tone, long silky copper-red hair with honey colored highlights and brown eyes and comes with chestnut brown "leather" mini-skirt with attached industrial-look chain link belt, pastel rust floral tube top, buff plush jacket with wide striped stitched detailing, denim knee-length skirt with matching ruffled hem, jeans detailing and attached sparkle studded belt, pumpkin, lavender and raspberry paisley top, knee-high buff platform boots, platform sandals with molded coral straps & cream ankle socks, vinyl patchwork bag in buff and tan, butterscotch colored sunglasses, silver hoop earrings and a coral colored stand with matching hairbrush. This gal is ready for autumn!

BARBIE has a medium skin tone, long platinum (of course!) hair with golden highlights and blue eyes and comes with cream leatherette wide bell bottoms detailed in burgundy stitching and waist piping with slits up the sides almost to the knee. This is coupled with burgundy velour and leatherette jacket with pieced bell-sleeves that have seam slits to the elbow that mirror the pants. Other items include a cocoa & cream batik print sleeveless top, golden-brown leatherette mini-skirt with attached woven belt in a burgundy and butterscotch zigzag weave, tube top in large, bold earth-toned stripes with metallic overtones, knee-high cream colored platform boots with painted tan floral detailing, calf-high medium brown platform boots with molded top buckle, vinyl butterscotch bag with molded floral stitch detailing, a real metal chain waist belt, watermelon colored sunglasses, silver hoop earrings and a brick-red colored stand with matching brush.

MADISON, my favorite of the trio has a darker skin tone with an enormous head of soft light brown wavy tight curls highlighted with platinum streaks. Her eyes are blue. She comes with a macramé weave headband instead of a hairbrush. Her mix and match pieces include retro looking reverse-denim elephant bells with fringed slits up the side seams, white stitch detailing, fringed waist and an attached silver-studded black leather motorcycle style belt, indigo denim jeans jacket with pieced bell sleeves slit to mid forearm, beautiful white lacy baby-doll teddy top, indigo denim miniskirt with attached buff faux suede belt with punched detailing, gathered bodice halter top in blue, black and gold metallic stripes, calf-high black platform boots with molded top buckle detail, gray and blue platform sneakers, blue molded vinyl bag with floral detailing, blue sunglasses, silvery dimpled drop earrings and a powder blue stand.

In both retail outlets I have seen the dolls, they were competitively priced at one to two dollars lower that the basic "Bratz" dolls.