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Doll News Oct 20, 2003
By John Medeiros

All That Vinyl Jazz: Robert Tonner's CHICAGO Dolls

Everyone loves a legend, but in CHICAGO, there's only room for one! Based on the 1975 Broadway musical, CHICAGO which has enjoyed a 1990's TONY-Award winning revival, is the story of chorus Girl Roxie Hart and her infamous cell partner, Velma Kelly.

Through the magic of Miramax Films, the award-winning film comes to life through the hands of celebrated doll artist and designer, Robert Tonner.

Roxie and Velma, 16" tall, are of the highest quality vinyl/hard plastic. Great care has been taken to produce each exacting details from the hit film's spectacular fantasies of music and dance.

Each doll includes articulated movement at the waist and hip, with side-t-side shoulder movement, bending arms and legs, and a rotational neck joint for the most amazing dance poses. High quality saran is used in the rooted hair, and each doll has hand-detailed painted eyes.

Couple your favorite character with extraordinary reproductions of the film's dazzling costumes, including the best fabrics, precise details, and hand-beaded accents.

Here is what collectors have to look forward to in this fabulous collection:

VELMA KELLY BASIC DOLL-Dressed in charmeuse lingerie, blue eyes, raven hair, articulated body. LE 2500 SRP: $59.99

ROXIE HART BASIC DOLL- Dressed in charmeuse lingerie, brown eyes, blonde hair, articulated body. LE 2500 SRP: $59.99

VELMA KELLY-COURTROOM DRESSED DOLL-Velma dressed in burgundy taffeta dress with black lace trim, red velvet coat and matching velvet hat. LE 1500 SRP: $149.99

ROXIE HART -FINALE DRESSED DOLL-Roxie dressed in a white hand beaded dancing costume of silk chiffon with Lurex silver threads, trimmed in fringe, white full-length panne velvet coat trimmed in faux white fox. The coat is only available in this dressed doll version. LE 1500 SRP: $169.99

Here are the costumes that will debut in the collection:

FINALE (Coat not included) - white hand beaded dancing costume of silk chiffon with Lurex silver threads, trimmed in fringe, hose and shoes are included. LE

1500 SRP: $69.99

I CANNOT DO IT ALONE- Red satin dancing dress with ombre fringe, soutache trim and hand-beaded accents. LE 1500 SRP: $59.99

FUNNY HONEY-Blush peach charmeuse full length dress, with front=t side splits, and hand-beaded straps and accents, includes garters, hose and shoes. LE 1500 SRP: $59.99

COURTROOM (Roxie-Outfit Only)-Black chiffon pleated day dress with white organza collar, includes hose and shoes. LE 1500 SRP: $49.99

THEY BOTH REACHED FOR THE GUN-Teal charmeuse day dress trimmed with flounces includes hose and shoes. LE 1500 SRP: $49.99

2003 Tonner Doll Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Photographs supplied by Storm Photo, Kingston, NY