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Doll News Oct. 15 2003

By John Medeiros

Matt O'Neill Collection debuts at Tonner's House of Wentworth

Move over Trent, you soon will have some competition for the taller ladies..Presenting from Robert Tonner's "House of Wentworth", The Matt O'Neill Collection of couture menswear. Matt O'Neill is a 17 & pi" hard plastic and vinyl doll with rooted hair and articulation at the neck, wrist, elbow, shoulder, chest, hip knee and ankle, and he is accompanied by an extensive wardrobe.

According to a Tonner Doll press release, here's a little bio on Tyler Wentworth's new male model. The eldest son of four children from the O'Neill's, a well-known New England banking family, Matt set out on life following in his father's footsteps in financial law. He soon found he had little interest in such business dealings. As a result, Matt decided to maintain a part-time profession as a consultant to noted New York financial firms. This allowed him to follow a lifelong dream that he kept ever since he was a young child.

Always having a fascination with the rescue efforts involved in fire fighting, Matt soon trained and became heavily involved in his volunteer fire department. With the ability to work as a fire fighter in the country, while he maintained his business dealings in the city, Matt kept a balance between his love of both valley life and Metropolitan elegance.

After attending to a fire alarm at the Wentworth country home, Matt became quite enamored with Tyler Wentworth and her sublime sense of style. With his love of fine clothing in both casual and formal settings, Matt inspired Tyler to create her first menswear collection. As Tyler felt she was her own best model, she realized Matt was an excellent model for her line with his strong, rugged look. Her desire to reach a proper mix of casual and formal clothing was constantly fed by Matt's engaging nature and his charming taste.

Here is what we can look forward to in the premier Matt O'Neill Collection:

TEE & PJs BASIC DOLL: On Saturday mornings before his morning run, Matt likes to take in the sports page while relaxing with his favorite coffee blend. His mood is quite casual in his classic white cotton tee-shirt, drawstring pajama pants and comfortable slippers. Available as a blonde, brunette and redhead. Open Edition, SRP $59.99

BLACK TIE-JET BLACK HAIR DRESSED DOLL: Matt loves to accompany Tyler on her most formal occasions. Tyler's classic men's tuxedo is an overture to her tailoring abilities. Including all the necessary details one expects from Wentworth. This black tie ensemble exhibits fine touches in the satin trim on the pants to the traditional cumber bun anchoring a white pleated dress shirt with wing tip collar. LE 1500, SRP $124.99

There will be five separate outfits created for the premier collection. All are filled with the superb details Tonner fans have come to embrace.

HERO: Matt's Fire Fighter uniform is just as much a part of his duties at the firehouse as the courage and conviction needed to help others. The construction of the coat and pants is durable, featuring many pockets for equipment. Under his suspenders, he wears a blue cotton tee-shirt. Included is his fire fighter's hat, knit head cover and boots. LE 1500, SRP $69.99

CASUAL TOUCH: Every man's wardrobe is obligated to include casual outfits of substance. Tyler Wentworth designed a sporty combination of linen pants and print shirt to be worn on occasions where a touch of style is needed, but casualness is of Matt O'Neill's most favorite looks. Match this up with a fine example of Wentworth custom knitwear and soft sandals, and the outfit is complete. LE 1500, SRP $69.99

CITY SMART: Matt loves his time in the city for those "guys night out" evenings with his best friend, architect Russell Williams. Russell had designed Matt's Manhattan apartment with a specific mood in mind. This mood is also reflected in Matt's classic city styles, such as Tyler Wentworth's grouping of gray flannel pants, custom knit turtleneck, and a clean, smart suede jacket. This speaks to Matt's love of New York City no-nonsense dressing. LE 1500, SRP $69.99

MANHATTAN CONFIDENTIAL: Even the most rugged of men must take a moment to polish themselves with the essential tailored business suit. To meet Matt's business needs, Tyler Wentworth designed classic suits, such as this pinstriped, double-breasted silhouette. Combine this with a crisp white cotton shirt and a red silk tie, and you have the perfect business attitude. LE 1500, SRP $69.95

INTO THE COUNTRY: Tyler Wentworth takes many themes from traditional American styles. In this casual country outfit, Matt and his country home in the valley inspired Tyler to create an eternally casual look. Using red plaid over denim, Tyler added a tan suede coat with faux leather collar to blend style with comfort. Adding a pair of hiking boots provided the final perfect touch. LE 1500, SRP $69.99

Matt O'Neill is a trademark of the Tonner Doll Company; Inc. Tyler Wentworth is a registered trademark of the Tonner Doll Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.