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Doll News Sept 30, 2003
By John Medeiros

Tom of Finland 001 Rebel Action Figure

Tom of Finland -001 Rebel is the first in a series of collectible, officially licensed adult action figures based on the artwork of Touko Laaksonen known worldwide as "Tom of Finland". One of the most widely recognized erotic artists, Tom of Finland's extensive body of artwork is part of the permanent collections of many major international museums including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki and the Portland Museum of Contemporary Art in Oregon. His work has had over thirty international solo exhibitions and has been included in twenty-five international group exhibitions.

Tom of Finland's appeal was realized by Norman Franklin Lloyd, a professional and experienced toy sculptor and CEO of Adult Action Figures. Norman is a renowned sculptor with ten years under his belt of designing and creating action figures for the toy industry, Lloyd has brought to life products from DC Comics (Power Girl), Playmates (Star Trek) Toy Biz (Lord of the Rings, Xena and WWF Wrestlers) and McFarlane Toys (X-Files, Austin Powers, Hockey players, Janis Joplin, Metal Gear Solid, Angus Young and H.R.Geiger pieces. Some of his other clients are Disney, McDonalds and DC Direct.

The figure itself stands 13" tall and comes on a silver

base with a bullet-shaped display cover. The figure can be removed from his stand by unscrewing 4 tiny screws that hold his boots in place. The underside of the base also opens to reveal a storage space for his additional accessories that include a certificate of authenticity, artist's bio and catalog as well as an extra pair of feet and other accessories.

The body is molded of high quality vinyl and fully posable with 19 points of articulation. The arms and legs contain invisible armatures within the elbows and knees that allow for great flexibility in posing. The head is on a ball joint to add character to his action. Like the voluptuous Vargas girls of poster and calendar fame, Tom of Finland's men are very muscular, sensual and exaggerated and Norman has captured this perfectly in the body sculpt.

The handsome, square jawed head sculpt has the perfect cocky look to it and the facial screening is wonderful. Two shades of paint are used in his Superman meets Elvis-style haircut and this adds to the realism of the figure's character. The character is based on the iconic image of James Dean as a rebel.

I am very impressed with the figure's outfit. It consists of a black, fully lined leather-like motorcycle jacket with working zipper and attached belt. The matching motorcycle pants are also beautiful examples of micro-tailoring and fit. The motorcycle boots are molded of vinyl and have painted buckle detailing. Under his jacket he wears a white tee-shirt that has slit Velcro sides. This along with his removable hands and feet really make for easier re-dressing.

Additional characters such as Santa, Cowboy, Sailor and Biker are forthcoming and will be released consecutively as an extension of the Tom of Finland Series.

Lloyd and Durk Dehner, President of the Tom of Finland Foundation, had extensive discussions regarding the 001 Rebel line-from expression of the face to the question of facial hair. The Foundation will benefit not only from the royalties of each action figure sale, but will also be one of many Not for Profit Organizations provided with early editions for auction and other fundraising efforts. Recently, the first 001 Rebel raised a significant sum at an auction held at the San Diego Comic Convention.

This figure is anatomically correct and only recommended for adults 21 and older. It is available at doll dealers, specialty dealers and online at several auction sites.