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Doll News Aug 25, 2003

By John Medeiros

Collectors Request Line Still Going Strong-Gay Parisienne for 2003 & Color Magic Barbie in 2004!

At one point last year there were rumors circulating that the Barbie Gold N Glamour reproduction would be the fifth and final doll in the Mattel Collectors Request Series. Being a big fan of the vintage reproduction dolls and fashions, I was heartbroken as were many other collectors. But Mattel listened to their collectors and the line continues.

The latest retro-diva to be released in the series for 2003 is Gay Parisienne Barbie. Collectors of the vintage replicas rejoiced as this outfit completed the Big Three. The two other rare and highly prized ensembles from 1959 are Easter Parade and Roman Holiday. Both of these had been faithfully recreated for the Barbie 35th. Anniversary Gift Set.

Sixth in the Collectors' Request? Series, this Barbie doll is a vinyl reproduction wearing a re-creation of the original 1959 fashion Gay Parisienne. Barbie looks chic in her classic dark blue bubble dress with tiny white polka-dots.

Around her shoulders is a fabulous white faux fur stole and sitting atop her head is a sophisticated veiled headband hat.

Accessories include a faux pearl necklace, matching pearl drop earrings (a departure from the single pearl posts of the original 1959 ensemble) long white gloves, golden velvety clutch, and navy open-toe shoes.

Barbie doll's sophisticated vintage look is captured with lovely side-glancing eyes, raven brows, red lipstick, painted finger and toenails, and a brunette ponytail with curled bangs.

Gay Parisienne is arguably one of the most iconic outfits in the vintage Barbie line. This point was supported this year by the release of two very limited exclusive versions of the doll.

For the Fashion Doll Festival held in March 2003 in Paris a beautiful Blonde Gay Parisienne was produced in an extremely limited edition of only 300 dolls. The outside box art is also exclusive to this edition and features French text.

For the Great Lakes Grant A Wish Celebration less than 300 of these dolls were produced as a redhead. The outer box also has variations including the event logo.

The big news at the 2003 National Barbie Convention last month was that the line would be continuing into 2004 with a reproduction of the 1966 Midnight Color Magic Barbie Doll.

She will come wearing her classic a multi-colored bathing suit in the original colorful diamond print with blue ribbon tie belt and blue mules. Her straight midnight black hair, pulled back with the famous diamond pattern headband, plays against her red lipstick, painted finger and toe nails, and lovely side-glancing eyes.

This beauty will also come with her highly sought after outfit Bloom Bursts, which is an organza floral print dress with matching pink organza bonnet.

Accessories will include hair net, 3 colorful hair ribbons, and 4 barrettes. Reproductions of the sponge applicator, faux color change packets, and instruction booklet capture all the original charm.

Unlike the 1966 Color Magic Barbie, this doll does not have a color change function. I wish Mattel would change their minds on this decision. It is almost like having a 1966 Bend Leg Reproduction Barbie without bend legs...or a 1967 replica Twist N Turn Barbie without her twist waist.

Photo of Blonde Gay Parisienne Barbie by Kevin Mulligan of

Photo of vintage Bloom Bursts from Patrick McGovern collection