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Lollipop Girls

New Bratz "Meygan"

Bratz FM Cruiser

FM Cruiser Interior

Doll News July 30, 2002

By John Medeiros

Lollipop Girls and Bratz Boyz have Big Eyes for Fashion

Available at retail and doll shops this week are Jan McLean’s 12" vinyl versions of her popular, colorful and spunky 26" porcelain Lollipop Girls. According to Jam McLean’s website: "These littlies are vinyl 12" tall...soooo cute! They are a fashion playdoll. They are fully posable, head and waist turns, she bends at the hips, the knees and elbows bend. They sit and stand but don't talk...yet! They will even have a collection of catwalk fashions and accessories!"

"Their hats are made by a milliner with real feathers, shoes by a cobbler, clothes by a tailor, we even employ a jeweler. We pay attention to detail... because life is in the details."

The initial cast of international characters includes Lulu from London, Pipi from Paris, Cassie from California, Cissy from Sydney, Bebe from Barbados and Brigette from Berlin.

I have all six of these beauties and they are as wonderful as the website claims. Fans of Mod fashions, long and leggy or "big eye" dolls will love these. They are already making waves in the online fashion doll collecting community. Collectors of all types of dolls love these sassy lassies. The packaging is also really super…mirrored backing cards with the doll posed in character surrounded by lollipop cutouts. Pop art at it’s most fun!

The six dolls have been released as a special "Inaugural Edition" that have the maker’s mark and "June 2002" printed on the doll’s back. Get them while you can. I think these will be very popular and sell out fast.

There are some cool new galz and guyz on the fashion doll scene. MGA Entertainment has just released three new additions to the Bratz Pack. The Bratz get a new and fifth girl in the gang, Meygan…a cool redhead who claims her friends "call me the Funky Fashion Monkey because even when I just hang, I still look good!" She is part of the new "Xpress it!" Fashion Collection and comes with two outfits, two pairs of hip shoes, hairbrush and free "Meygan" poster.

The two cool Bratz Boyz on the shelves are Cameron and Dylan. The pair is described as the "Boyz with a passion for fashion …and the Bratz!" Both guys have a combination of rooted and flocked hair and come with a ton of clothes and accessories. They even get some jewelry…hip neck chains and bracelets…something the gals have yet to get included. The face sculpts and screening are a perfect counterpart to the "big eyed" Bratz and their articulation is great with sturdily constructed bodies. The dolls have a real quality feel about them.

And to help these cool Dudez get around town in style with the Bratz…MGA has provided them with an incredible set of wheels. The Bratz FM Cruiser is a retro looking convertible with working doors, black shag seat covers, soft drinks, cell phone, rear view mirror decoration, working headlights and a radio! Your dolls need this deluxe ride.

Bratz Boyz "Cameron"

Bratz Boyz "Dylan"