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Doll News 7/15/03

By John Medeiros

Kelly Raids Her Big Sister's Closet

The Kelly Nostalgic FavoritesT Gift set features Kelly® in re-creations of classic Barbie® outfits. Each Kelly® doll can be hung from the holiday tree to recall fond memories of holiday seasons past.

The first gift set features four favorite nostalgic fashions: Bathing Suit #1, Solo in the SpotlightT, Enchanted Evening®, and Silken Flame®.

Bathing suit #1 features Kelly® in the famous black and white bathing suit. Along with her 1959 style "Zebra" suit she gets a pair of Barbie's trademark sunglasses. She has blonde eyebrows, red lips and toe and fingernail polish to match. Her honey-blonde hair is in the traditional ponytail style with curled-under bangs, topknot and bottom band.

Solo in the SpotlightT features Kelly® in a long black shimmering gown, accented with a red rose and flares of tulle at the bottom just like her big sister's famous sheath. Her tiny ensemble is completed with long black gloves, a pink scarf and black shoes. All she needs is a miniature microphone and she is ready for her nightclub debut. She also sports blonde eyebrows, big red lips and fingernail polish. Her classic ponytail is an ash blonde shade.

Enchanted Evening® Kelly® wears the classic pink satin gown with attached white faux fur stole and long white opera gloves. Like the legendary vintage gown, a tiny pink rose is gathering the folds of her train at the waist. This little platinum beauty has rose pink lips and fingernail polish to match. Pink shoes complete her ensemble.

Silken Flame® Kelly® is my absolute favorite in the set. This "Lucy-Lipped" cutie has her dark brunette hair done in the vintage Bubble Cut style with two wonderful spit-curls on either side. She has dark eyebrows and red fingernail polish to match her lips. She wears a party dress with a full white satin skirt, red velveteen bodice, and a golden belt at the waist. Her accessories include white panties, shoes and miniature versions of the vintage "Red Flair" pillbox hat and red velvet envelope purse.

Although designed as holiday ornaments, the attention to detail in these dolls is wonderful. The use of matching lip and nail paint, the four different hair shades and the tailoring of the tiny garments all add up to a fine collectible. Each dress even has a tiny woven embroidered "Barbie Collectibles" tag inside.

Considering this gift set is being advertised as the first in the Kelly Nostalgic Favorites line.imagine what Mattel may have in store for us.

My wish list would include two more Kelly featuring Kelly dressed in Easter Parade, Gay Parisienne, Roman Holiday and Commuter Set. Or how about Kelly as two American Girls and two Swirls wearing 1600 series fashions like Gold N' Glamour, Campus Sweetheart, Fashion Luncheon and Debutante Ball? And while they are at about a Tommy Nostalgic Favorites gift set with Tommy as Ken in his original red swimsuit with beach jacket and towel, Tuxedo, Dreamboat and Campus Hero?

And my final wish.Kelly & Tommy in a miniature version the vintage Little Theater Gift Set.complete with small replica box.