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Doll News 7/15/03

By John Medeiros

We're Off to See the L'il Wizard

This fabulous new Kelly Doll and Friends gift set features all four of
the classic Wizard of Oz characters. Considering its popular subject
matter and the fact that this is the first time Mattel has included three
Tommy dolls in a gift set, I think this set will be one to collect and

Kelly as Dorothy wears her light blue gingham skirt over a white
body-blouse with light blue trim. Her gingham jumper is detailed with
tiny sewn-on white buttons. She comes with blue anklet socks and her
famous red ruby slippers. They even have glitter imbedded in them and are
adorable. Dorothy carries Toto in a basket lined in the blue gingham of
her outfit. Her reddish brunette pigtails are tied in tiny blue ribbons.

Tommy as Cowardly Lion is adorable in his honey-brown plush bodysuit
complete with ears, tail, and tufts of hair. Tufts is an understatement.
His ornate coif looks like he just came from the Emerald City beauty
parlor scene in the film. Amazingly, the mane is rooted, not a wig.

Tin Man features a silvery-colored face and a silvery outfit that
includes shoes and a cap that is topped with a silvery oil funnel. He
also has his ax and oil can props.

Scarecrow Tommy wears a green jacket with a faux burlap collar, brown
pants with patches, and a brown felt scarecrow hat with green band. He
has "straw" protruding from his hat, cuffs, shirt and boot tops to give
him the perfect "stuffed" look. His jacket is tied with a tiny rope belt.

The success of this set is in Mattel's attention to detail. Seeing the
three Tommy dolls faces transformed by a few lines and dots of paint is
amazing. There is so much character in all three of them and each one
looks completely different. The Scarecrow is slaying me.

The packaging is superb. All four dolls are posed on a backdrop depicting
the Yellow Brick Road with the poppy field in the foreground and Emerald
City a few miles up ahead. For those who prefer not to de-box their
dolls, Mattel has provided a pop-up plastic hanger so you may use the box
as "a charming wall decoration"

A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

These dolls would make a wonderful display along with the earlier
released Wizard of Oz Munchkin dolls. Perhaps Mattel could even be
convinced to make another Kelly gift set that includes The Wicked Witch
of the West, Glinda and The Wizard.