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David Boreanaz as Angel by Sideshow Toys

By John Medeiros

"When I kiss you, you don't wake up from a deep sleep and live happily ever after"

A tall, dark Irish gentleman born in the early 1700s, Angel was a young man who liked beer as much as women. During a drunken binge, he was sired by the vampire Darla and becomes the vampire Angelus, the one with the angelic face, the scourge of Europe. He leaves his home in Galway and travels the world.

In 1860, he ends up in England where he kills a young woman's entire family, driving her insane before making her a vampire known as Drusilla. His taste for the dark side ends when feeds off and kills a young Gypsy girl in Romania, causing her tribe's elders to curse him with a conscience and the return of his soul. Despondent and horrified by his past evil deeds, Angel wanders aimlessly, feeding off of vermin instead of humans.

He ends up homeless in New York in 1996, where whistler, a demon whose duty is to maintain the balance of good and evil, rescues Angel by convincing him to make something of himself. Constantly agonizing for his many transgressions, Angel falls in love with Buffy and makes it his mission to help out the Slayer by honing her fighting skills. He even battles some fellow vampires during the quest for redemption.

Angel, played by actor David Boreanaz, is costumed from the "Becoming" episodes, in which his demonic persona, Angelus, tormented Buffy until she ultimately defeated him, sacrificing her first love in order to save the world

Sculpted by Oluf W. Hartvigson, the likeness of the actor is superb and really captures the brooding nature of the character. The paint is very well done with lots of subtle shading for added realism. He has more human flesh tones than the Spike figure.

The body is also molded in pinker plastic than the Spike figure by Sideshow. This is a nice subtle detail and gives him a less un-dead look. The body features at least 36 points of articulation and hands with molded detailed rings. He is jointed at the neck, shoulders, bicep, mid-forearm, wrists, chest, waist hips, thighs, knees, below the calf and ankles.

His outfit has the usual authentic fine finish and detail we have come to expect from Sideshow Collectibles. He comes dressed in a black silky satin-like shirt with functional pocket and button detailing, black leatherette pants with side pockets and belt loops, belt with insignia buckle, long black trench coat with 2 functional pockets, socks and very well done molded and painted shoes.

Angel includes the 12" figure base with show logo, his sword, and three holy water bottles.

From the box's bio: David Boreanaz has portrayed with quiet intensity the mysterious and tortured vampire Angel on the Buffy the Vampire series. A native of Philadelphia, Boreanaz graduated from Ithaca College in New York, where he acted and studied film, before moving west to try his luck in Hollywood.

Boreanaz continued to study acting after arriving in Los Angeles. He worked odd jobs, such as parking cars and painting houses, to pay the bills while auditioning for various roles. He had a bit of success with his guest spot on Married.With Children, as Kelly Bundy's biker boyfriend, but got his lucky break when he was discovered by a talent manager while walking his dog. Shortly afterward, David auditioned for and landed the role of Angel on the Buffy series. Since then he has appeared in the TV movie Men Don't Lie, starred in the spin-off series, Angel and the feature film Valentine.

The figure is sold out at the Sideshow website, but you can put yourself on a waiting list. Or look for him at specialty and comic shops. MRP $40