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James Marsters as Spike by Sideshow Collectibles

By John Medeiros

Barely 200 years-old when he makes his first appearance in the episode "School Hard," Spike, also known in vampire circles as William the Bloody, earned his nickname by torturing his victims with railroad spikes. As a British vampire with punk rock attitude, Spike wildly sails into Sunnydale to help his sickly vampire girlfriend, Drusilla, get better by tapping some evil energy emanating from the Hellmouth. Although he brags about killing two Slayers, he can't seem to conquer Buffy, and is even hit with an ax by Buffy's protective mom. By the end of the second seasons, Spike resorts to betraying all his demon buddies to the Slayer in order to escape with his true love, Drusilla.

According to the box's bio, James Marsters, who has appeared on Buffy the Vampire as the Goth-decked vampire Spike for the past two seasons, joins the cast as a series regular for the show's fourth season. Born in the remote logging town of Greenville, CA, and raised in Modesto, CA, Marsters always knew he wanted to be an actor. From his debut as Eeyore in a fourth-grade production of Winnie the Pooh, he went on to study at New York's prestigious Julliard.

He began his professional career in the theater, performing in stage productions including The Tempest and Red Noses at Chicago's Goodman Theatre. Marsters made his on-screen debut guest-starring on the television series Northern Exposure.

He landed the prominent role of an ill-at-ease priest, which was cast locally in Seattle, soon after moving to the Pacific Northwest. He was inspired by the success to move to Los Angeles and within months was sinking his teeth into the role of Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He made his feature film debut in the 1999 remake of "The House on Haunted Hill"

This 12 inch figure features the likeness of James Marsters as 'Spike.' This is one of the best male likenesses to come out of Sideshow. It is dead-on. The paint detail is superb and he even has the scar on his left eyebrow.

The body is molded in the grayish pink plastic and features 36 points of articulation and black gloved hands. He is jointed at the neck, shoulders, bicep, mid-forearm, wrists, chest, waist hips, thighs, knees, below the calf and ankles.

His accurately rendered costume include black teeshirt, black trousers with real pockets and belt loop detailing, silky burgundy red short sleeve shirt with tiny button detailing, tall black biker boots and a beautifully done black leatherette duster with lots of tailoring and finishing details

Spike's accessories include a large cross with removable knife and a railroad spike. He also comes with the standard Sideshow 12" figure stand featuring the 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' logo.

He was sculpted by Oluf W. Hartvigson.

The limited edition figure is sold out at the Sideshow Collectibles website, but you can be put on a waiting list there. He can also be found at online auctions and at specialty stores. SRP $40.