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Jason Lives:Friday the 13th. Part VI

by John Medeiros

"Kill or be killed. Tommy Jarvis has done what others thought was impossible: he has killed Jason Voorhees. Years have passed and Tommy is still tormented by the feeling that Jason is nor really dead. When he goes to the cemetary to make sure, he accidentally causes Jason to be ressurected. Now, it's up to Tommy to stop Jason's bloody rampage."

It is astounding to me that the Friday the 13th franchise has continued to be so popular year after year. I had lots of fun being scared whan I saw the first film with my friends years ago when it first opened. Since then, Jason has headlined in over a dozen sequels and spinoff films and continues to delight a hoard of devoted blood-thirsty fans regardless of the brainless and predictable formula behind this series of slasher movies.

Delivering collectibles to this legion of Jason fans has become one of the goals of Sideshow Collectibles. Their expert team of artists has been releasing various incarnations of the hockey-masked villian as part of their horror collection.

This issue of Jason finds him once again ressurected from death. The gruesome head sculpt shows him in all his decayed skull-like glory. The remnants of dead flesh and charred features accurately recall the movie makeup. Luckily, Sideshow has included the trademark hockey mask to hide his hideous visage.

The figure comes dress in a costume faithful to the flick. The blood stained and bullet hole ridden army jacket is appropriately grave-soiled and distressed. Under this is a black wooley vest that gives the figure bulk and adds a charred look. The black boods are realistically scuffed with grave dust. His hands are leather gloved and he wears an olive drab webbed belt with pouch to hold his throwing knives. Gray trousers finish the costume.

Aside from the three blood drenched weapons mentioned above, he also has a nasty looking bloody machete and a hunting knife with sheath. But the coolest accessory is the severed arm clothed in cammo. It has every detail right down to the bone and sinew.

Sideshow has included one of their classic stands with the film's logo and title printed on it.

The figure retails for $40 and can be purchased from