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James Marsters as Vampire Spike from Sideshow

By John Medeiros

"James Marsters stepped into the role of Spike, playing him as the no- holds barred Big Bad returning to Sunnydale to wreak havoc with his girlfriend, Drusilla. In five seasons, James took an intriguing "villain of the week" and turned him into a surprisingly fascinating character that evolved well past what creator Joss Whedon had ever intended. After Spike left Sunnydale, Whedon brought back the broken-hearted vamp in "Lover's Walk", showing a new side to the bleach blonde baddie. James was then made a series regular in the fourth season playing the "wacky neighbor" role, but it was in season five that James brought new depth to the character, playing the dual nature of Spike as a caged killer with a poet's heart that is in love with the Slayer. It was a jump into the unknown even James was terrified to explore about his character, but it made Spike one of the most loved characters on the series.

Spike's vampire nature was first displayed in all its glory in the episode "School Hard". It is this full realization that is depicted with this superb figure from Sideshow Collectibles.

Even several years after it's finale, the Buffy series is getting the full treatment from Sideshow. This year alone will see the release of several characters in one-sixth scale.

I already have the first issue of Spike in his human form and this release looks great displayed alongside it.

The yellow eyes, fangs and distorted vampire features are all sculpted and painted in fine detail here, evoking the character in its most horrific moments. Sideshow has appropriately used their pale flesh tone plastic for this release. Although I did not like the color for some of Sideshow's earlier historical figures, it is perfect for the undead of the Buffy mythology.

The costume is very similar to the human Spike figure. The black trench coat, slacks and boots are similar. This time he has a black short sleeve shirt instead of the red earlier version.

The accessories include a sawed off shotgun, two shotgun shells, skull and pendant.

A Sideshow logo display stand is also included.

The figure is available for $40 at A Sideshow Exclusive version, which featured a Hawaiian print shirt as a special accessory is sold out.