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Freddy vs. Jason Freddy Krueger from Sideshow

By John Medeiros

Four years have past since Freddy Krueger was killed by his daughter, and Freddy is now trapped in Hell. He depends on the dreams of the people in Springwood in order to fuel the fire in his soul. But when the town tries to keep his existence hidden and the teens from dreaming, Freddy is left powerless with no way out.

As a last resort he springs Jason Voorhees from his own personal Hell and sends him to Elm Street, determined to strike fear in the hearts of Springwood teens. But when Jason won't stop killing Freddy's "children", Krueger decides it's time to take Voorhees out personally, and the long anticipated battle begins.

Although I was not a fan of either the Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the Thirteenth franchises, by chance my cousin brought over the Freddy vs. Jason DVD the same day I received this figure from Sideshow Collectibles. After an hour and a half of relentless gore and not-too inventive death scenes, I can honestly that I am still not a fan. I remember the first Nightmare movie having an interesting premise. The notion of the horror happening in the teen's dreams was compelling, but beyond that, the film left me unimpressed, even as a horror flick.

There are however legions of fans of both series who lived for the day when these two baddies would be pitted against each other on celluloid. In keeping with their quest to satisfy horror collectors, Sideshow has been devoted in their production of figures from both of these classic "B" film series. Various incarnations of Jason and Freddy have been produced including two one-quarter-scale figures.

This one-sixth version of Freddy shows him at his most human. The likeness to actor Robert Englund is right on the mark. His right hand is molded to feature his famous blade glove that has terrorized so many teens.

The costume is highlighted by the signature black and red striped shirt and brown fedora. The brown leather jacket, oversized cuffed trousers and black boots complete the outfit.

Accessories included are a lit cigarette and Freddy's personal scrapbook in which he keeps clippings of his murderous crimes.

A Sideshow stand with Freddy vs. Jason logo is also included. The figure is available for $40 at

Ashe actor Robert Englund says, "It is great to be an action figure...being a toy means you have arrived."