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Frank Black of The Millennium Group by Sideshow

By John Medeiros

This is one figure I have really been looking forward to. As much as I was a fan of The X-Files, I was doubly devoted to Chris Carter's "Millennium". The Fox series was only on for three seasons but provided an hour every week where high style met crime thriller with apocalyptic overtones. After the show was cancelled, Fox brought back Frank Black for an episode of The X-Files to help Molder and Scully solve a pivotal case. The figure represents the character in that episode.

As promising as the prototype photos and box art promised, I was a bit disappointed in the likeness achieved in this head sculpt and paint. Although not terrible, this was not at first glance one of Sideshow's more accurate sculpts. But after living with it for a few days, I realized I was basing my opinion on the Frank Black from the Millennium series rather than his later appearance on the X-Files. With that in mind, it is a nice depiction of the character at that point in his life. One nice touch in the paint scheme is the glossy finish used in the eyes. It really makes the figure seem alive.

The figure is dressed in a costume from the episode. He wears a navy ribbed pullover under his "leather" collared hunting jacket. The tan trousers have belt-loop detailing and a black belt with silver buckle and black holster. His black and green boots are molded to look like hunter's boots.

The accessories included are a revolver, a 45, flashlight, pager, cell phone and a Millennium Group case file with three crime scene photos inside. A stand with the X-Files logo is included. It would have been nice to have the Millennium logo of a snake eating its tail on the base as well.

I am collecting all the Sideshow X-Files figures and am certainly happy to add this one to the collection. I am looking forward to receiving the John Doggett figure as well as the new Mulder and Scully variations and was very pleased to see Sideshow announce an Alex Kryceck figure for later in 2005.