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Power Team Elite World Peacekeeper Expeditionary Unit

by John Medeiros

M and C Toys has unleashed another superb play set with this value packed 12" figure and gear set. This tent and camp based military adventure comes with the company's 3rd generation action figure body featuring over 30 movable points. With each release the head sculpts have gotten more realistic with the Power Team line and this guy is no exception. Many of the figures each have a distinct look, so your troops look varied and recognizable adding to play and diorama possibilities.

Uniformed in woodland camouflage, the figure has trousers, jacket and bush hat. He has black-gloved hands and matching combat boots. The uniform has lots of working and well-tailored pockets. The plastic webbed belt has convincing molded detail and there are scale dog tags around his neck.

The main feature of the set is the large olive drab tent. It is nicely made of olive drab nylon and has a flap door with ties and a rollup netted window. A tent frame consisting of three poles inserted into two A frame triangles is included for ease of display. When assembled, the tent is a massive and comfortable 17 and 3/4 inches x 15 inches x 11 and 3/4 inches. As I type this, my cat has just discovered it and taken up residence inside.

Like the Power Team sets of last year, the oversize box comes jammed with gear and accessories. The box claims over 30 pieces and it includes at least that many. Bang for the buck equipment includes weapon with detachable scope and bipod, a hand radio as detailed as any by BBi or Dragon, external frame molded plastic pack, bedroll with buckled web belt closures, duffle bag with drawstring, binoculars with neck strap, fire pit with campfire, detachable grill, one small and one large stone-look benches, mummy sleeping bag, olive drab woolen blanket, camp pillow, rope, canteen, mess kit, a kitchen full of cookware, a fish to grill and assorted realistic looking MREs.

These Power Team deluxe play sets are perfect for diorama building, a collector who likes to really play with his figures and just plain fun for the kids.

Look for this set and other World Peacekeeper figures and play sets at your local or online KB Toys and Toys R Us and other retailers. The Power Team Elite is of the best buys in the one-sixth world.