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A Whole NEW Buffy from Sideshow Collectibles

By John Medeiros

From the box liner notes: "Seize the moment 'cause tomorrow you might be dead" So says the perky, quick witted, high school heroine Buffy Summers known as the Vampire Slayer. Her birthright as the sole slayer of her generation is to protect the world from the undead, yet she pines to be normal. Student by day and vampire slayer by night, Buffy continues to learn the arts from her second "Watcher", Giles. Yet her close circle of friends soon stumble on her secret and become self-appointed "Slayerettes" who help her with saving the world and school work, too. How complicated can a girl's life become during high school anyway? Well, if you factor in school problems, mom problems, and that the love of her life is a vampire, the very baddy that she is sworn to kill, very complicated.

Prior to becoming the Chosen One, our illustrious and resourceful heroine was a blissfully oblivious teenager enjoying the responsibilities of Prom Queen, Fiesta Queen and Hemery High School Cheerleader. Then her first Watcher, Merrick, revealed her destiny to her. As the Slayer, Buffy has found that her new responsibilities sometimes result in harsh consequences, such as getting her thrown out of school after burning down Hermey High's gym. The stress seemed too much for Buffy's parents, Hank and Joyce who divorced soon after the fire. Joyce moved with her "troubled" daughter to the bucolic promise of Sunnydale in hopes of a fresh start. However, Sunnydale's charming facade hides the dark side of the town, the fact that it sits atop Hellmouth. Buffy's job is to defend and protect the good and innocent armed with the Slayer's attributes of increased strength, heightened agility, and an occasional psychic dream that provides vital clues, warnings or visions. As the one girl in the entire world with the strength and skill to hunt and kill vampires, she constantly juggles the life of a typical teenager while battling the forces of evil and saving the world."

Buffy Summers, twice dead and twice reborn, is back again and dressed as she appeared in the "Graduation Day" episodes. This 12 inch figure features the likeness of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Buffy's accessories include two stakes, a battle axe, and the Hunga Munga featured in the episode "Anne."

The first thing I noticed is that Sideshow has used their new redesigned female body with this figure. This is a huge improvement over the original Buffy body. Not only are the arms less thin looking, but the entire body is much more realistic with at least 35 point of articulation. This new body is indeed welcome. The head and hands are molded with a slightly darker vinyl, but dressed, this is not noticeable. I do wish they had given this new Buffy real feet with shoes, but the painted-on shoes are attached to the bottoms of her leg like the earlier Buffy incarnation. This limits redressing possibilities and the new Sideshow Halle Berry as Jinx figure does indeed have molded feet with boots that fit over them. I hope the Kate Beckinsale Anna Valerious figure has feet. Many collectors are looking forward to that doll. She will also be the first female doll Sideshow has done with rooted hair.

Buffy's ensemble keeps up the Sideshow tradition of well tailored clothes with accurate in-scale detailing. She comes dressed in black leatherette pants with self-belt and real pockets, a soft black jersey tee-shirt and a beautiful rust red leatherette trench coat with nice button details.

Her vampire fighting gear includes two stakes and two wild looking hatchet style weapons. A Buffy logo stand is also included.

All in all, this figure is a really nice improvement over the company's first Buffy release. Stay tuned for Sideshow's Spike and Angel from the same series.