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Sideshow Toy Dark Crystal Figures



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Doll News April 16. 2002

By John Medeiros

Sideshow Toy’s Kira & Jen

Sideshow Toy has just started shipping the two Dark Crystal 12" Gelfling dolls/figures. I enjoyed the film when I saw it, but have never been a huge fan of fantasy style dolls or figures. But these two are just beautiful and may change my mind.

Jim Henson's first fully-animatronic feature film The Dark Crystal is a classic tale of good, embodied by the peaceful "Mystics," and evil, represented by the oppressive "Skeksis. "The film's central characters are Jen and Kira, the last two living "Gelflings. "Together, they must replace the Crystal's missing shard in order to restore harmony to their world, a land of enchanted flora and fauna. Jim Henson and Frank Oz directed The Dark Crystal (1982), which was based on the drawings of Brian Froud.

These 12" recreations feature great head sculpts by Mat Falls that are very true to the original characters. Nice face paint in rich earthy colors. Both have rooted saran hair...Kira's is mix of platinum & bright lemon-lime and Jen's is a mixture of black and Superman Blue.

The costumes are a knockout. Highly detailed and made of many textures and types of fabric. Intricate embroidery on Jen's tunic and Kira's sheer wing-like overlay. Lots of macramé style fringe with beading. Kira's cape has an attached hood. The clothes are removable and would fit other 12" action figures if you wanted to give another doll a woodland fantasy or Robin Hood look.

Kira's accessory is her companion Fizzgig...this is one of my favorite touches. Jen has his flute and a crystal shard. On his belt is a handy pouch for it. Both dolls get a nice posing stand with the Dark Crystal logo and the character's name on it.

The bodies are the usual highly articulated Sideshow 12" figure bodies...with specially molded heads, feet/calf pieces and hands/forearm pieces. Kira is the Buffy body. The new feet start at the calf and hands start below the elbow joint.

The set of two costs $80 and is available now at the Sideshow Toy website

Also new on shelves this week is the Barbie Fashion Model Continental Holiday Gift Set. Included is a beautiful brunette doll complete with a couture wardrobe. Creamy lace foundation and stockings are the elegant beginnings. An aqua sleeveless shell, ivory pleated skirt, and golden pants provide the striking separates. Rich faux fur accents her aqua and golden brocade coat. Her perfect traveling accessories include oversized handbag, sleek clutch, sling back heels, and trendy sunglasses. Available from doll dealers and also at FAO Shwarz. Retails for $75-100.