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Memories of a Lifetime Bride & Groom

Red Riding Hood & Peter Pan

Cool Cathy and 100th. Anniversary Teddy Bear Doll

Memories of a Lifetime Bride & Groom

Life Sized Barbie Dream House at TRU Times Square

TRU Times Square Barbie

TRU Times Square Barbie

The Ferris Wheel at TRU NYC

Crossroads of the World of Toys

Doll News April 9 2002

McDollies and Times Square Barbie!

Cool Store Exclusive Dolls from Madame Alexander and Mattel

Some new little dolls are heating up the discussion boards of the online doll collecting community.

In a first-ever collaboration with the venerable Alexander Doll Company, McDonald's is debuting a new Happy Meal® featuring miniature versions of beloved Madame Alexander dolls.

Gale Jarvis, President of Madame Alexander, states, "For nearly 80 years Madame Alexander has been continuing the tradition of creating beautiful dolls of superior quality to delight and challenge the imagination of little girls everywhere. Working with McDonald's provides a wonderful opportunity to reacquaint mothers with Madame Alexander, allowing them to introduce their favorite characters to their own daughters, inspiring a whole new generation of collectors, and helping to create new memories by sharing fond ones from the past."

The Happy Meal® promotion, which runs from April 5th through April 25th, or while supplies last, will feature a series of eight 4 3/4-inch versions of classic Madame Alexander dolls. These time-tested favorites have proven popularity and wide-ranging appeal, and the line-up offers a range of characters from traditional Storyland characters like Little Red Riding Hood and Peter Pan, to the Hispanic 100th Anniversary Teddy Bear Doll, the African American Cool Cathy, and both Caucasian and African American versions of the Memories of a Lifetime Bride and Groom.

The hunt is on…so get out there and grab them. Already full sets of the dolls are fetching $50 in online auctions. Me, I will enjoy mine with a Chicken Selects, fries and a tall diet soda.

The sleek new flagship Toys R Us superstore in Times Square, New York City has more cool stuff than just a life sized T-Rex and a 56 foot indoor ferris wheel. Just launched is a series of Mattel toys that are exclusive to the Times Square store and only available to shoppers in the Big Apple. For HotWheels fans there are two Times Square Taxi Rods. One yellow, one blue and all done up in NYC Taxicab graphics. Each retails for $5.99.

For doll collectors, Mattel has released an exclusive TRU Times Square Barbie Doll. This adorable gal is the ultimate NYC souvenir. She comes dressed in her hip outfit consisting of aqua leatherette jacket, pink knit blouse with signature "Barbie" logo, a wonderfully wild and colorful miniskirt in Toys R Us life-saver colors, sheer pink hose and aqua boots. Her accessories include her "favorite toys"...a Magic 8 Ball, UNO Game. tiny See & Say and Fisher Price style stacking toy. Plus a special New York Souvenir frame. She is available in Caucasian and African American versions and retails for $16.99. There is a second release planned that will include a kid-sized backpack.