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Barbie Lingerie #4 Fashion Model-hat by Sylvia Campbell

Barbie Lingerie #4 Fashion Model

Barbie Fashion Model Accessory Pack

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Christie sports Basic Fun's Tiny Totes "Blue By-You"

Barbie models Basic Fun's Tiny Totes "Checkered Past"

Doll News April 2, 2002
By John Medeiros

Move Over Marilyn!

The second release in the 2002 Barbie Fashion Model collection is hitting store and dealer shelves and she is a stunner. She is everything that Mattel forgot to do with the 2001 Marilyn Monroe doll and more.

The fourth Lingerie doll in the Barbie® Fashion Model Collection, Barbie® looks darling in delicate pink. Intricate pale pink lace accents her heavenly bustier ensemble. Pink peek-a-boo peignoir floats over soft pink, feminine underpinnings. Sheer pink stockings and sling back high heels add flirtatious finishing touches. Barbie® wears her platinum hair in a short curly style reminiscent of the vintage Bubble Cut, and accented with a pink bow.

The production doll is actually even more beautiful than the prototype photos indicated. Her makeup is done in shades of iridescent pink and blue with matching lustrous pink nail paint to match. Her full set of lingerie is intricately detailed and includes a sexy, sheer matching half-robe. Unlike the standard white Fashion Model shoes shown in the press photos, she wears matching pink spike heels to complete the look. A knockout! If you have not ordered or gotten her yet, do it soon. I understand that the production numbers have been cut back on this gal.

Also available now is the new Barbie Fashion Model accessory pack. Items include a molded dress form on a die-cast stand - perfect for displaying other fashions, an elegantly simple light blue dress with a pleated skirt with a v-shaped back and a bow in front, nude pantyhose, three pairs of shoes (wow!), and it even comes with accompanying shoe boxes and shopping bag with tissue.

Another blonde that found her way into my collection this week is Sideshow Toy’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer doll/action figure. This figure is 12" tall, has over 20 points of articulation and features the likeness of Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy from the TV show 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer.' Buffy comes with a highly detailed outfit, stone textured foot stand, crossbow, vampire stickin' stakes and the Vampyr Book, the mystical book of knowledge featured on the show.

Sculpted by Oluf W. Hartvigson, the likeness to the actress is right on the money. Because of her thinly sculpted arms and multiple articulation points, she looks best in outfits with long sleeves. But for her realistic posing possibilities, the tradeoff is worth it. I had a ball redressing her in some of the realistic Mattel Generation Girl fashions. As a matter of fact, her outfit looks stylish and sophisticated on the new Fashion Model Barbie mentioned above. She would make an interesting addition to a fashion doll collection and is a definite "must have" if you collect celebrity dolls.

Fashion, Style and Purse-onality! Tiny Totes has all that and more! I received my first in this great series and my theory has been confirmed. These are a perfect size for Barbie and other 12" fashion dolls. The two I examined are Blue By-You and Checkered Past…both are superbly detailed and worked with many outfits I had on hand. These miniature fashion handbags feature today's hottest styles for playful accessorizing. Each purse opens and closes, and includes two mini surprises inside, plus a mini Tiny Totes clip bracelet lets you wear your favorite bag or take it everywhere you go! Look for Series 1 in stores now.


Buffy redressed in Generation Girl Outfit

Barbie Lingerie #4 redressed in Buffy Outfit