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Tokyo a Go-Go Bratz Fianna

By John Medeiros

Inspired by the dynamic style and bright colors of the Tokyo fashion scene, this Fianna Doll is part of the Bratz Tokyo-A-Go-Go Collection. Like all of the Bratz dolls, Fianna comes with a collection of interchangeable, mix-and-match outfits so you can dress her up for just about any occasion. Along with her eye-catching clothing and accessories, Fianna also comes with her own personal electronic item, as well as a collectible cyber-pet. Other Bratz Tokyo-A-Go-Go dolls and accessories are sold separately.

Anything goes in Tokyo as the Bratz mix 'n' match the craziest and coolest looks in an up-to-the-minute fashion flash of color and style! With tons of stylin' accessories, plus a collectible cyber-pet and personal electronic item, this is one party you just can't pass up!

With the far-out fashions of the Far East join the Bratz as they take to the streets in a kaleidoscope pf crazy-cool color and form, and show the world that it's not always what you wear but how you wear it!

This whole series is just terrific. It captures the fun and funky electric side of Japanese as well as American youth culture. For the first time, the Bratz crew has Anime eyes.something they were screaming for. She also has multi-colored hair braids that add to the Japanese look.

Fianna comes dressed in a black and gray color-blocked top with a geisha motif on the front and black and silver glitter sleeves. Her green military cargo pants are inspired with white lace trim at the cuffs. She is accessorized with an orange and black webbed belt with loop closure, candy striped scarf and fushia pop-on heels.

Her extra ensemble is a top made of the same candy striped jersey as her scarf and it also features an Asian beauty portrait on the front. Her deep olive mini is lace trimmed and she has candy-striped leggings. Also included are Japanese sandal inspired orange shoes.

Her many accessories include a cell phone, luggage carrier, adorable robo-pet bear in her pet carrier bag and a matching robo key chain. My favorite accessory is her portable DVD player with tiny DVD.

The bright and colorful packaging really sets this series apart as something unique and special for the Bratz collector. And the chopstick carry handle is a super fun touch only MGA could think of.