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PLANET of the APES Figures by Sideshow Debut

By John Medeiros

Sideshow has done it again! With their debut figures from Planet of the Apes, they have once again raised the bar for film related dolls and action figures.

On a planet where apes talk and walk like men, and men are primitive animals, an astronaut from Earth, Taylor, crash lands and is captured by gorilla soldiers. Thinking he is just another primitive human, Taylor is imprisoned and left in the care of two chimps, Cornelius and Zira. It's soon discovered that Taylor, unlike the other humans, can talk. Taylor is brought before Dr. Zaius, an orangutan, who fears the talking human could bring the downfall of the ape civilization, on the Planet of the Apes!

Cynical, misanthropic and unsentimental, the cigar smoking, tough-talking astronaut Commander Taylor is a man who lives for the moment. He launched from Cape Kennedy with no regrets, hoping to find a new breed better than our own. Taylor has no interest in being the hero, he just wants to live in a world where man doesn't wage war, and doesn't keep his neighbor's children starving. Underneath it all, Taylor is an idealist. After a six month mission into deep space Taylor and crew abruptly awake from their hibernation to find that their ship has splashed down on an unknown planet some 2000 years in the future. The surviving crew makes a frantic escape from their sinking ship only to realize that they are now marooned on this unfamiliar place. After trekking for some distance through barren and hostile landscapes, the crew is captured by a group of marauding gorillas. All too soon the crew discovers that on this planet, the apes are the intelligent, dominant species, and man is little more than vermin only to be hunted, experimented upon and exterminated.

Taylor has over 30 points of articulation for full range of motion. He comes with an Astronaut backpack with removable gun and pick, as well as a 12 inch 'Planet of the Apes' figure stand. SRP $40

Zira is not like most of her fellow apes. She shows empathy towards humans, and seeks to prove that they can be domesticated. Zira and her fiancée, archeologist Cornelius, are secretly gathering data to prove that ape rose from man. This radical theory is put to the test when a human captive is brought to her, an anomaly with a wound on his neck and who gestures as though he can talk. Naming him "Bright Eyes", Zira takes an immediate fascination and soon learns that he can read and write. When the neck injury heals, Bright Eyes proves that he can indeed speak, shocking all of Ape City in an infamous public display. The Ape counsel is threatened by this strange talking human and holds an Inquisition to determine his fate. Zira and Cornelius boldly plead Taylor's case, risking their own wellbeing, but to no avail. Taylor is sentenced to be gelded and experimented upon. Bravely risking all she has worked so hard for, Zira enlists Cornelius and her nephew, the teenage malcontent Lucius, to free Taylor. Together, they escape and head for The Forbidden Zone, to an archeological site which will help unlock the shocking truth behind the mystery of the origin of Ape.

Zira has over 30 points of articulation for full range of motion and comes with a notepad, pen, Taylor notes, paper airplane, Ape Scroll and a 12 inch 'Planet of the Apes' figure stand. SRP $40

The orangutan Dr. Zaius is the feared Minister of Science and Chief Defender of the Faith on the Ape planet. His administration abides by the teachings of the Lawgiver, as set forth by the Sacred Scrolls that he left behind over 1200 years ago. These teachings espouse total dominance over man, including extermination if man poses a thread to simian survival. On the Ape planet, humans are primitive mutes and wild foragers. Dr. Zaius believes humans are a threatening nuisance and uses the ape army to mercilessly control the human population through hunting and enslavement. Always on watch for heretical ideas and actions, Zaius is confounded by the appearance of the Earth astronaut Taylor who can speak, write and reason like an ape. Discounting Taylor's story of space travel and the crash landing on this planet, Zaius believes him to be from a human tribe beyond the Forbidden Zone, the area where no ape may travel. As the keeper of secret knowledge, Zaius is frightened by Taylor and knows the dark truth behind the origins of man and ape.

Dr. Zaius has over 30 points of articulation for full range of motion and comes with a Mini Lawgiver Statue, cane, Ape Scroll and a 12 inch 'Planet of the Apes' figure stand. SRP $40