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Sideshow Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Part 2

By John Medeiros

Five years have passed since the massacre at Camp Crystal Lake and the death of Pamela Voorhees. Now, a new batch of camp counselors has come for training, ignoring the legend of Jason Voorhees. But when the bloodshed begins, it becomes evident that Jason did not drown in the lake, but hides in the woods seeking revenge for his dead mother.

Before he donned the iconic hockey mask, Jason Voorhees terrorized campers as a backwoods, sack-wearing killer! After his mother is killed, the once thought dead Jason emerges from the deep woods to take revenge on anyone who enters Camp Crystal lake!

The Jason Voorhees figure has over 30 points of articulation for full range of motion and comes with a pitch-fork, and a pick-axe. Jason's low budget sack cloth removes from his head to reveal film accurate version of the character make up.

Truly an icon of the horror film genre, Sideshow has really created a figure that Friday the 13th. Fans will go nuts over.

The costume from the film is accurately duplicated with weathered and distressed denim overalls that have a well-placed blood spatter on the bib. The pockets on the overalls are functional. He wears his classic black & white checked work shirt under the overalls and has black work boots. His head sack is tied with a string and has an eyehole behind which is a single scary blue eye.

The head sculpt under the hood is grotesque...lots of detail reflecting the horrific makeup in the film and a red blonde wig that really makes the monstrous face complete. The paint on the sculpt is equally superb and nightmare inducing.

His pitchfork and pick ax accessories are blood stained for just the right amount of realism.

SRP is $40