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X-Files Fox Mulder & Dana Scully by Sideshow Collectibles

By John Medeiros

With the legions of fans of this series, these were possibly the most eagerly awaited Sideshow creations of the year. Sideshow has delivered what they hoped for and that is accurate and detailed 12" figures of these two modern day TV icons.

A television cult phenomenon was born in 1993 with the creation of The X-Files. FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder, portrayed by David Duchovny, and Special Agent Dr. Dana Scully, played by Gillian Anderson, went up against mutants, madmen and government conspirators to investigate unexplained phenomena contained in the X-Files. After nine television seasons on the Fox network, the show ended but its popularity among its dedicated fans thrives. Sideshow now expands its collectible line of products to include characters from another innovative television science fiction series with the addition of four 12-inch figures based on the most popular characters of The X-Files.

Oxford-educated FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder was obsessed with proving the existence of extraterrestrial beings. He investigated the extraordinary, unexplained and supernatural cases hidden in the X-Files. Sideshow will design a limited edition 12-inch figure collectible of David Duchovny as the angst-ridden Fox Mulder. Sideshow designed the costume and accessories with its trademark respect for authenticity and attention to detail. Mulder is outfitted in a business suit carrying his flashlight, pistol and cell phone. As always, careful consideration is given to the interior and exterior designs of the package to increase the collectible value of the product. Agent Mulder has a SRP of $40 but is sold out at Sideshow. You can be put on a waiting list there or find the figure on the secondary market.

Dedicated to remaining objective in the face of absurdity, Dr. Dana Scully was the perfect counter-balance for Mulder whether on TV or as part of the Sideshow Collectible line. Continuing its dedication to expertly crafted likenesses, Sideshow captures the beauty and intensity of Gillian Anderson as Scully in a 12-inch figure. Sideshow presents Scully in her familiar long black coat, fitted pants and white shirt. Packaging mirrors the show's unique design elements The Scully figure is also sold out at Sideshow and is available on eBay and at specialty retailers. There is also a "second chance" signup list at the Sideshow website.

Always lingering in the shadows and lurking in a cloud of smoke was the "Cigarette Smoking Man," portrayed by William B. David. Figures of this iconic character as well as one of Lance Henrickson as "Frank Black" are also due for release in 2005.

"Many of the people on our creative team are fans of Chris Carter's work," says Tom Gilliland, creative director for Sideshow. "We wanted to make certain our designs reflected his unique vision -- a vision that raised the standard for science fiction on television and are reminiscent of other, groundbreaking television programs." Sideshow has also created lauded figures from The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone.

The likenesses of both figures are superb. Sideshow has the ability to capture just the right attitude in their portraits of actors. And they get better at it every year.

Fox Mulder began his quest for the 'Truth' at age 12, after his sister Samantha was mysteriously abducted from the Mulder residence. After completing a psychology residency at Quantico, Fox discovered his true passion in life: The X-Files.

This figure has over 30 points of articulation and is equipped with a cell phone, flashlight, alien ice pick, pistol w/ removable magazine, an 'I want to believe' poster, FBI ID badge and a 12 inch figure display themed after The X-files.

Dana Scully is a dedicated medical doctor with a specialty in forensics. Her passion led her to a two-year teaching position at Quantico. It is there that she was assigned to the X-files, as the partner of Agent Fox Mulder. When given this assignment, Dana's superiors strongly suggested she debunk the validity of Fox's work and, as a result, the entire X-Files program.

This figure has over 30 points of articulation and is equipped with a cell phone, flashlight, pistol w/ removable magazine, case files, FBI ID badge and a 12 inch figure display themed after The X-files.

Those lucky enough to be among the first 750 to order either the Mulder or Scully figures got an exclusive FBI Jacket included as a bonus accessory.