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Doll News March 4, 2002

By John Medeiros

New Spring Outfits & Minis from American Girl

Pleasant Company and Mattel have introduced a new room & accessory set to their American Girl Minis line. The 1" scale Cabana & Accessories set includes sandy beach floor, reversible canopy and beach mat, palm tree and fruit, beach table, two chairs with reversible slings, three beach lanterns, bucket, shovel, shells, sand castle, crab, tropical plant, two beach towels, transistor radio, inflatable inner tube, beach ball, and a beach bag that holds sandals, flip-flops, sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen. $65 A power platform is additional and required if you wish to electrify the lights. $38.

Also new is a Friendly Fish pet accessory set that includes six bright tropical fish who are right at home in their flower-shaped aquarium. The aquarium has a reversible backdrop and lights up. A magnet allows you to mount it on the wall of any Mini*s room. Another finned friend is waiting in a bag to join the others, plus there’s pretend food, a net, and a book on caring for saltwater fish. $24.

In the American Girls series there are two new books and accessory/outfit sets. Samantha’s Ocean Liner Adventure features Samantha aboard the S.S. Londonia as she journeys across the Atlantic Ocean to England. This beautiful journal-style features historical photographs and eight souvenirs for you to keep, including a map of the ship, a telegram, and a mask from the Captain’s Ball. You can use the Morse code card to decode secret messages from Samantha! She stays warm on the ship’s deck in her fashionable ivory duster. Tie her scarf around her neck to keep out the chilly ocean breezes! Her accessories set includes a hat accented by a double band of pink and burgundy ribbon—even young girls wore fancy hats when they traveled, ruffly burgundy parasol to shade her complexion from the sun. Then help her look at pictures through her stereoscope, a popular toy in Samantha’s time. Back in her cabin, use her silver brush and mirror to straighten her windswept hair. A black valise with brass fittings is also available.

Hop in the backseat with Molly for a trip down Route 66! This hardcover book features Molly’s first-person account of her journey, plus historical photographs and eight pullout souvenirs, including a Route 66 map, a diner menu, a wanted poster, and a secret decoder. Decipher clues throughout the book to help Molly win a prize in Royal Oil’s Hollywood Mystery Code Contest. Molly’s blue linen dress is cool and comfortable for her trip down Route 66. It has eyelet trim and pretty flower-shaped buttons. She’s glad she has her white crew hat when the hot sun shines through the car window! Molly wants to remember everything from her summer vacation along Route 66. She takes her camera with her—press the button to see pictures she might have taken along the way. Her bank is a memento from a mule ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. When she gets home, her Route 66 pennant will look perfect on her bedroom wall! A period plaid suitcase is also available.

These are just a few of the surprises in store for 2002. While in NY for Toy Fair we saw the Bitty Twins. These two adorable tykes are Bitty Baby sized, dressed as toddlers in their "Sunday Best" and have rooted hair. This will make the introduction of American Girl’s first boy doll. More on these two cuties as they become available.

The rest of these new items can be ordered from the company’s website.